Supermarket Garlic For Seed?

Supermarket garlic for seed? We bought garlic to eat but sowed it instead. Now October is a great time to plant garlic, up until December.
Does it work to plant eating garlic?

Edward figured it would make a fascinating video if I were to plant the garlic he had just bought at his local supermarket, Lidl in Edinburgh – that’s him holding it last October. I planted the 20 or so cloves in my poly tunnel at Homeacres in late autumn 2020.

Through winter the small garlic plants were somewhat smothered by tall pea plants, which we were picking for pea shoots all winter, until late April. We removed them, and the garlic kept growing.

Filmed by Edward Dowding at Homeacres in spring and summer 2021.
The climate is temperate, frosts of -6C/21 F in winter and highs of 18 to 25 C/64 to 77 F in summer.