The Natural And Cheap Trick To Weed Efficiently At Home

Weed killers based on chemical herbicides have proven to be catastrophic for the environment and human health. They are indeed very polluting for plants, micro-organisms, soils and groundwater. And other solutions like the thermal weeder are a bit expensive. You can’t afford chemical weeding and you don’t want to use a harmful herbicide? There are however effective and inexpensive ecological weed killers. Among these natural tricks of grandmother to weed the lawn, here is a natural solution that every gardener must know!

Of course, the most environmentally friendly and classic natural weed killer is still hand weeding. Nevertheless, weeding by hand the whole garden once the weeds (the other name of these undesirable weeds such as bindweed, quackgrass, dandelion, nettle, ivy…) have germinated and grown, is quite laborious… So, you need a little help. Some products can help you fight unwanted plants, one in particular. And you already know it: it’s white vinegar, which is a must in the garden. Thanks to its acetic acid, it dethrones all chemical weed killers!

The Natural And Cheap Trick To Weed Efficiently At Home

White vinegar costs nothing, or almost nothing. It is not harmful to the environment, but it is very effective against weeds. Basically, that’s all we ask. And what’s more, it’s easy to do. For this you will need 3 liters of white vinegar, 100 grams of fine or coarse salt, a little washing-up liquid and a spray bottle. As you can see, it’s not much to get rid of unwanted seedlings.

How to use this natural weed control solution?

Pour your 100 grams of salt into the empty spray bottle. Then fill the rest of the bottle with the white vinegar. Add a dash of dishwashing liquid. Then spray your homemade lotion on the weeds in the morning, the product will be more active as it warms in the sun. You can also (and especially) use this mixture on terraces, walkways. In the beds, put really just a few drops on the plant concerned so as not to disturb the balance of the earth around.

Be careful not to put it on plants grown in the garden or on your flowers. It would be silly to lose beautiful plants! Vinegar destroys the micro-organisms that plants need, especially to develop their root system.

Good to know:

If you run out of vinegar in your cupboards, consider saving the salt water from your pasta, which offers many unusual uses like this. Boiling water is another chemical-free solution for eliminating invasive weeds in garden slabs or borders. And it’s a nice change from mulching to control weeds!