The Recipe For The Essential Oil Spray That Scares Away Flies

Armed with a faggot, fly and mosquito hunting are two improvised physical activities that we know well when the weather is good again! After a night of trying out various tricks to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes like hiding under the sheets or practicing your backhand with your flip-flop at four in the morning, you’re off to a long and tiring day of fly-fighting.

Being experienced in fly hunting, we have already presented you some preventive gestures and several techniques to repel them with repulsive plants (geranium…) or an apple and cloves. However, the good old repellent sprayer is still the most practical technique! So, here is a homemade recipe to try out for a fly repellent spray with essential oils.

Ingredients for essential oil fly spray:

1 liter of white vinegar or cider vinegar
20 drops of essential oil of basil
20 drops of essential oil of peppermint
And 20 drops of rosemary essential oil or lemongrass essential oil
2 tablespoons of olive oil
1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid
A spray bottle (glass if possible)

we reassure you: this product is not very complicated to make!

1) Get your ingredients. Then pour the white vinegar or cider vinegar into the spray bottle. Then add one by one the essential oils (lavender essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, basil, etc.) and the other ingredients.

2) Mix your natural repellent well before each use. It’s ready to fight flies and avoid an infestation!

The very aromatic smells of these essential oils will drive away flying insects very effectively. And it’s even more effective than a simple diffuser. You can spray it in the room to keep flies away or spray it on your clothes. However, do not apply it to your skin. If you have pets, especially cats, also be careful when spraying! Indeed, it can be toxic for felines.

The Recipe For The Essential Oil Spray That Scares Away Flies

Looking for an even more economical solution to these unwanted guests? Use fresh mint and lavender from the garden infused in a spray bottle. Whether you choose this recipe or the other, it’s still very effective. Plus, both avoid using chemical-based insecticide or unsightly fly tapes to get rid of flies.

For a country home, also consider installing a mosquito net against both mosquitoes and flies. These pests will simply not be able to enter your home.