The Right Equipment For Young Nature Explorers

The Right Equipment For Young Nature Explorers

If you’re out and about in nature, you can discover a lot – but sometimes you have to look closely. This works even better if you have the right equipment!

Have you ever been out and about in the countryside and noticed something you’d like to know more about? For example, what kind of big bird is that circling over a field? Or whether you can eat the berries that grow at the edge of the forest. If you’re often curious too, ÖkoLeo has some good tips.

Keep your distance and still not miss anything

With all curiosity, it is important not to disturb animals and plants as much as possible. Therefore, you should sometimes keep your distance. With binoculars you won’t miss anything – quite the opposite. With binoculars, you can watch birds in peace and discover details. For example, if you are sure of the color of the feathers and the shape of the beak, you can more easily identify the bird species.

See more with the magnifying glass

For example, to explore small animals from the stream or bugs in the forest, you can use a beaker loupe. It has the advantage that the animal is in the container for a short period of time and you can look at it in peace. For example, you can find out how many legs the animal has and how it moves. However, be careful not to injure the animal. And remember to release it soon!

Read up in identification books

Identification books help you to recognize animal and plant species. The books describe exactly what characterizes a particular species. Usually you will also find hints on where you are most likely to find them. In addition, the books usually contain observation tips and instructions on how you can proceed step by step to identify a species.

With the smartphone in nature

Not only are there identification books, but there are also identification apps! Some of them offer not only pictures and text like the books, but also sounds or functions for measuring and calculating. ÖkoLeo has picked out two free apps for you.

The Forest Primer

With the Forest Primer you can learn a lot about the trees and animals in the forest. In addition, the Forest Primer helps you identify trees on the go. You can even use your smartphone’s camera to measure their height! If you want to test your knowledge, you can try a quiz.

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