Tips To Never Have To Remove The Leaves From The Gutter Again

Have you taken the time to clean your gutters? No, because that’s not all you have to do. And of course, the leaves are piling up in them. The problem is, they’ve announced some nasty weather next week. So you’re going to have to get on with it. So you never have to deal with this problem again, we’ve got a little tip for you here.

Maintaining your gutters is important for your home. They are not there by chance or by caprice of the builder. This system allows rainwater to drain away easily and efficiently. And over time, leaves can prevent the proper drainage of water. The overflowing water could then damage your walls, generate water infiltration, and even damage the foundations of your home. It is therefore important to clean your gutters regularly. But you don’t want to clean them. So how do you do it?

It’s easy. All you need is a gutter guard. But first of all: remove the cat.

Tips To Never Have To Remove The Leaves From The Gutter Again

Next, get a protective grid. Cut it to the right length. Then place it over the gutter and secure it with small hooks. The screen will prevent leaves from accumulating and water will still be able to drain away. And that’s it!

Tips To Never Have To Remove The Leaves From The Gutter Again

Now, if your gutter is full, you’ll need to clean it first. To do this, stand on a ladder at height (and be careful). Start with the bottom part (the downspout). Open the manholes and don’t hesitate to clean with a water jet to remove the mud on the walls. Then clear the upper part of the gutter. You can use a small plastic shovel to do this. Then, use a low-powered garden hose to wash your gutter.

Just in case, you should know that various high-pressure gutter cleaning kits are available on the market.

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