Tired Plants? Try This Clever Mix To Give Them A Boost

Just go away for a few days without watering or caring for them, and your darling plants seem to sulk. At the same time, what idea did you have to go on a weekend or a vacation without them? And then of course, there is the case of gardeners who do not have a green thumb and who kill all the plants that come to them if they do not choose their green plants among the most resistant.

Without good care, a houseplant or an outdoor plant can quickly lose some of its beauty. Do your house or garden plants need a little boost to give them a new lease on life? You want to give them all the right nutrients to make them grow healthily, quickly and durably? Here is a simple technique that everyone can use to revive tired plants!

What you need:

Container (bottle, bucket…)
Water (if possible, rainwater or water with low calcium content)
Banana peel(s)
Steps to give your tired plants a boost:
1) First, eat your banana and salvage the peel. We don’t make a mess!

2) Then, put it in your container and add water.

3) Let it marinate for at least 48 hours.

4) Use this water to water your plants in poor condition.

You can also consider bottling several banana peels in water for a more substantial watering, for example in the garden or your vegetable patch. It is not an exact science: you have to adjust the quantities according to your needs! In any case, it will be better than using simple hard water, especially if you use rainwater to prepare it!

The benefits of banana water for tired plants:

Thanks to the banana peel, this water will have gorged itself with iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium… Everything you need to requalify and fertilize them! Amazing, isn’t it? Banana peels are great and can be used in many ways. Specifically, you can learn about the benefits of banana peels in the garden here. Whether it’s as a repellent, to enrich compost or to strengthen plants, they can do it all if you know how to use them well!

In addition to banana peel, you can also use coffee grounds or eggshells as green fertilizer for your plants. The simplest gardening tricks are really the best, especially when it allows us to recycle our food waste!