Turn Sour Foods Sweet With This Weird Tropical Fruit! – Miracle Berry Taste Trip

Come with us to taste trip on Miracle berries – mberry – and see if the amazing miracle fruit can turn sour foods to sweet. We’ll be tasting many sour foods to see if the effect of eating miracle berrys will actually change the flavour of different foods. We’ll be tasting lemons, limes, kiwifruit, apple cider vinegar, tomato juice, gerkins, salt and vinegar chips and sour lollies. Miracle berries are an amazing fruit native to West Africa and have been used in many ways, from encouraging people to eat healtier foods, by enhancing the taste of them as well as use in chemotherapy cancer patients as it can help to remove the metallic taste that many patients experience. This then can help people get their appetite back.

It’s a pretty amazing, rare fruit that is now available for purchase online in the form of a pill, as the fresh fruit can’t be stored for long periods without loosing its taste modifying abilities.

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