What Are The Names Of Gardening Tools?

Gardening is almost always impossible to do without tools. Good tools are the be-all and end-all in a gardener’s shed. But in the teeming world of products in the hardware store or even in the specialty store, it’s hard to keep track of everything. I will briefly list here what tools I have in my garden and why I use them.

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There is a basic set of tools that every gardener needs – including me. You need these tools from the very first minute. From the creation of the garden to the daily maintenance. Let’s start with the larger tools


A wheelbarrow is of essential importance when moving larger quantities of whatever from point A to point B. Stones, soil, cut plants, leaves and much more. A wheelbarrow facilitates the work immensely. There are models that fall apart just by looking at them. You can usually recognize them by their low price 😉 A wheelbarrow needs a neat, smooth-running pneumatic wheel, sturdy struts, a stable trough made of thick sheet metal. Ergonomic handles that are nice to touch are also important. A wheelbarrow also needs a place in the garden, where it does not interfere when you do not need it. At it stands outside all year round – so far no rust. But it is also happy about a place in the tool shed. In the fall, you put a little oil on the axle. Nothing is worse than getting the neighbor out of his nap with a squeaky wheelbarrow.

Spade, digging fork, steel rake

These two tools are also indispensable from the start. It is important to have a sturdy and easily replaceable handle with a grip (for spades and for digging forks). The blade should be made of stainless steel. These stainless steel models usually cost more than the normal steel models, but nothing rusts (even if you put the tools in the shed with soil and dirt sticking to them) and they last a lifetime. The investment in stainless steel is definitely worth it. You should pay a lot of attention to a thick and stable connection between the shaft and the blade (for the spade and fork). For the rake, you have to decide on a width, or buy 2 rakes – a narrow one and a wide one. Sometimes a narrow rake is simply better (for example, to rake paths).

Metal rake

A metal rake (I call it a “scraper”) consists of narrow metal strips. With this rake you can easily rake paths and lawns. There are these rakes in different designs – what you should pay attention to is that you can adjust the width of the rake with a slider. So you can determine how thoroughly the rake does its work. Wide apart, he right only coarse material on, close together he right also fine crumbs away. On the subject of lawn care, I would like to mention the lawn care tools from Fiskars. Definitely worth a look.


A shovel is great when you need to shovel something 😉 Compost, bedding soil, sand – you can shovel just about anything. I prefer a shovel with a pointed blade at the front, but that’s a matter of taste. Get advice on shovels and pick one up before you buy it. Unfortunately, there are no stainless steel shovels – but a regular one will give you years of enjoyment.


The cultivator is a typical spring tool. With it you can loosen the soil nicely and break up larger chunks. It is pulled through the soil, but you can also hoe with it. I also work with the cultivator the green manure from last year under – goes wonderfully. With the cultivator is again to be paid attention to a strong handle – with the equipment one needs strength and the handle should already hold off that.


For weed removal a hoe is indispensable. Mine consists of 2 sides. One side a smooth blade – with which you can cut the roots of the weeds already underground. The other side consists of 2 tines for loosening the soil.

Plastic broom

Especially for cleaning surfaces (path, terrace, etc) such a broom is best suited. It grabs the dirt best and you get it wonderfully clean again. Such a plastic broom lasts for many years.

The big tools we have now all together – now it goes a little more small – but still important.

These small devices are very useful for gardening


In addition to the big tools, it’s the small tools that also make gardening massively easier. Here are my recommendations

Garden shears

I have several of these. One for the roses, one for cutting perennials and other thicker branches, and one for everything else. For a pair of rose shears you should already spend some money. There an exact and clean cut is absolutely necessary. For the other work do it for me the normal hardware store scissors.

Normal (household) scissors

In the garden, you always need a normal household scissors. Cutting thread, cutting foil, cutting sticking plaster – there are many possible uses.


The same as for the scissors applies of course also to a knife. With a sharp knife (it works best a pocket knife, for example) you can do many things, such as harvesting kohlrabi and lettuce!

Small planting shovel

Extremely important in the garden is a small, sturdy planting shovel. Mine was totally cheap and is made of sky blue metal. It is made in one piece and will last for years to come. Please do not buy plastic tools – they are all toys.

Small weed hoe

If you are kneeling in front of the bed and want to remove weeds, a small hand hoe is best. These tools are usually only 30cm long and you can easily use them with one hand. Mine is made of stainless steel, has 3 tines and a great wooden handle. On a small leather loop you can hang it well and thus also practical and always within reach. I need this hoe almost daily for loosening soil and pulling out weeds.


Buckets are essential for any garden! Get lots of them! Whether it’s yogurt buckets, mop buckets, metal buckets – you never have too many buckets. For weeds, litter, water, nettle slurry, temporary storage for split dusts – a bucket is universal in the garden.

Root brush

I also recommend a sturdy brush for any garden. A brush (I use a soil scrubber brush from the 1 euro store) can be used to roughly clean vegetables and also to clean dirt off your own hands after gardening! The brush is my favorite at the garden sink.

Planting wood

Makes good when planting young plants. You can poke perfect holes in the beds with it and also close them again immediately

Watering cans

Watering cans (several!) also belong to the basic equipment of every garden. They should produce a fine rain with not too strong jet. There are several designs – everyone has to decide for himself. I have more than 2 cans, for each hand at least one 😉 The spouts are always turned downwards, so that you only wet the ground and not the plant leaves. Plastic jugs are lighter, metal jugs just look better. I have both, but mainly use the plastic ones.

Onion planter

I have a lot of gladiolus bulbs in the garden and last fall I had a tulip planting orgy to perform – so the bulb planter was my salvation! These things are sometimes available for 5 Euros at the hardware store – you can buy them if you often have to make holes for bulbs.

Lawn mower

If you have a lawn, you need a lawn mower. I use a hand lawn mower (reel mower) – don’t have much area. Otherwise, I strongly recommend that you buy your lawn mower from a specialty store. There you get good advice and you get a device that is perfectly matched to your needs. And if something should go wrong with the mower, the specialty store is always there with advice and action.

Soft plastic knee cushion

If you like to kneel in the bed, such a cushion is worth its weight in gold! One gets it for little in the garden market. You can put this cushion under your knees if you have to be close to the plants 😉 You can also quickly put it under your butt, if the garden bench has not yet reached a temperature suitable for sitting. Clear recommendation.


A sickle is quite handy when you want to move larger areas of plants. A sickle is also wonderful for harvesting stinging nettles (for stinging nettle decoction) or for mowing green manure.

I don’t need more tools in my garden. There is, of course, much more on offer – from garden claws bin to tool belts for the wife – bells and whistles in my eyes. If you want to please a gardener, go through his tool shed and give him a good tool that he will enjoy for a long time! He will certainly thank you with delicious vegetables.

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