What Is The Best Mowing Pattern?

Every step costs time. Even if it’s just a little bit. The instructions on how to shorten paths through intelligence, you need to apply to your own garden.

Lawn cutting pattern 1 with motor mower

Cutting the lawn with a lawn mower usually starts from the outside in. Of course, this can not be generalized, because each lawn is shaped differently. Mostly, however, all edges are mowed first, until the largest possible rectangular area remains. This is then also mowed from the outside to the inside in spiral paths.

The advantage is that you move continuously in one direction without stops and can mow through quickly. Likewise, you never have to disengage the wheel drive, but can also turn in curves by pushing the mower on the rear wheels.

The last two or three lanes can also be done by pulling the mower back and forth to save turning around in tight spaces.

Lawn cutting pattern 2 with motor mower

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Also with this method, you should first mow the edges to get the largest possible rectangular remnant as the main area. When this has been achieved, drive along the first side with the mower until the rear wheels of the mower are exactly at the end of the remaining lawn area. Now turn the mower away from the remaining area using the rear wheels as an axle and after 90° turn you will land exactly in the next lane.

Again, you can do last few lanes by pulling the mower back and forth to save yourself too many 90° turns. The following pictures show the individual phases and the absolutely exact final position of the lawn mower.

Pattern 3 with motor or electric mower.

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The problem with the electric mower is always the annoying cable. The following is a variant that works well with all types of mowers:

First, mow one lane on all edges, even though you have to pay close attention to the cable. Then three or four lanes on one of the sides parallel to the direction from which the cable comes. Because afterwards the mower is simply pushed forward and pulled back, this mowed area corresponds to the distance from the mower to the operator. After all, you are standing behind it, so you can’t pull the mower back far enough to cut this side of the head all the way to the end of the lawn!

Now you put the mower on the side closest to the power outlet and pull the cord back off the lawn. This means moving away from the cable with each path and keeping it on low pull all the time. If it still falls awkwardly, you can whip it out of the path. It is also advantageous that the side on which the cable lies is already mowed. Because this way you can also see it better!

The first track the mower is pushed, the second pulled and so on. This also keeps the cable connection on the mower always on the same side, so it is almost impossible to run over it now.

Garden Tip:
If you put the cable over your shoulder, you have it constantly under control. Likewise, the distance to the mower is increased. This is very helpful with twisted cables, which sometimes fall very strangely. But these should not be used anyway!

There are people who, when they decide to put grass on their terrace or patio, decide that they want to have a striped lawn … Although they just think about it, this seems to be an added complication to the whole maintenance process the patio and garden. But grass strips can add an elegant and artistic look to a patio and add a unique visual geometry.

The beauty of grass strips is that they are not difficult to get. Most residential lawn striping systems come as a simple accessory that attaches to the back of a mower.

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Stripes in your garden

Next, we’ll see how to get this beautiful lawn trend in your garden. There are several grass stripe patterns to choose from, as well as some tips for getting the best grass stripe. And of course, there’s the decision to hire a professional lawn care service or not to do this for you … Because with the help of a professional, the results are sure to be outstanding. Do not miss these tips to get it.

gestreiftes Gras

Decide on the style of the strip on your lawn.

The first step is to choose the type of trim you want. There are several popular types of patterns you can use to strip your lawn, including: Straight stripes, checkered, diamond, like in motion, zigzag …

These patterns can also be subtle or pronounced depending on the length of the grass. Taller grass means a more pronounced pattern. As a rule of thumb, larger green spaces work well with more complex and pronounced patterns. Smaller patios can be dominated by such a dramatic style. So people with smaller patios can opt for a more subtle striped look.

How to scrape your lawn

As mentioned above, getting this look is much easier than you might think. A simple rolling attachment, usually placed behind a lawn mower, will do the trick. This accessory will easily bend the blades of grass without damaging the lawn. Grass that leans toward you looks dark, while bent grass looks brighter because of the way the light reflects off of it. There are no fancy chemicals, no special grass seeds. It’s literally just an easy trick.

However, there are other tips to keep in mind to help you scratch your lawn properly:

First, draw what you want the pattern to look like so you know exactly where to place the mower.
To keep the lines straight, mow right next to something straight like a fence, building or sidewalk. Then look ahead and down as you mow the lawn to keep the mower oriented. Don’t fall into the trap of looking only at the ground.

Repeatedly beating your lawn in the same pattern can permanently flatten your lawn. Therefore, try to change the pattern every two weeks or so.

For best results, long grass with flexible leaves, such as fine fescue, is best for strips. You can scrape shorter, stiffer grass, but the pattern won’t stay as long or as pronounced.

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Do you do it yourself or hire a professional?

Another consideration is whether you should scratch your lawn yourself or hire a professional. Cost and ease are at the heart of this issue. If you do it yourself, you can do it more economically, although your yard service can do it for you and make your lawn look great. Doing this in your yard is one way to decorate your lawn in a way that is quite inexpensive.

If you already have your lawn professionally cut, it may not be a hassle to check if it will be scratched in the process. Some lawn care services also specialize in striped lawns. Keep in mind that it can be a great option if you just want an attractive lawn pattern for an event, but it can also be ideal. If you have the lawn this way and want to maintain it over time because this is an option you like.

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In any case, it is important that you feel that your lawn is what you really like for the exterior of your home. Take care of it so that you see it well and in this way you can enjoy more of this area of your home throughout the year.

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