What Is The Best Way To Plant Bamboo?

What Is The Best Way To Plant Bamboo?

Bamboo not only creates an Asian flair in the garden, but also serves as a fast-growing screen. We tell you what you should pay attention to when planting.

Although bamboo is actually an exotic plant, it now feels very comfortable in Europe and is becoming increasingly popular. The reason for this – apart from the fact that it is evergreen and you don’t need to cut it back – is its extremely rapid growth. The fastest growing variety can grow up to 91 centimeters within 24 hours. No wonder, then, that it is increasingly used as an alternative to the classic hedge or as an eye-catcher in the garden and on the terrace.

Keeping bamboo runners in check

Here, two bamboo species are most common in gardens and parks: the umbrella bamboo (Fargesia) and the flat-leaved bamboo (Phyllostachys). The umbrella bamboo forms short runners, also called rhizomes. The flat-leaved bamboo, on the other hand, forms long rhizomes that spread very quickly throughout the garden and begin to proliferate.

Therefore, when buying a flat-leaved bamboo, you should definitely also think about a root barrier. These are commercially available by the meter and are usually made of HDPE (high-pressure polyethylene). Pond liner or similar alternatives will be easily penetrated by the bamboo’s rhizomes. So if you don’t want to use plastic in your garden, don’t go for flat tube bamboo.

The rhizome barrier is buried 65 centimeters deep into the soil – around the planted bamboo – so that five centimeters still protrude from the earth. You must also be careful not to make the barrier too narrow so that the roots can spread sufficiently. For a single bamboo, 150 to 200 centimeters should be enough as a diameter.

Finally, the two ends of the film must be connected with a special aluminum rail, which prevents the rhizomes from making their way to “freedom” here.

By the way, you should throw bamboo residues in the organic waste garbage can and not on the compost, because it will continue to grow there unhindered.

Planting bamboo: Season and location

  • Season: It is best to plant bamboo in spring, when it has enough time to take root.
  • Location: sunny, warm and protected from the wind.
  • Soil: Here the bamboo is rather undemanding. Only waterlogging should be avoided.
  • Planting in the garden: Dig a hole that is about twice as large as the diameter of the root ball and about as deep as it is high. Mix the excavated soil with good quality soil or fertilizer and fill in the space around the planted bamboo. If you have chosen a flat-leaf bamboo, don’t forget the rhizome barrier (see above)!
  • Planting on terraces: For tub plants, the tub must have a diameter of at least 80 cm so that the soil can store enough water.
  • Watering: bamboo needs a lot of water, even in winter!
  • Nutrient supply: on the terrace is best to fertilize every two weeks with organic liquid fertilizer.