What Is The Calorie Consumption When Mowing The Lawn?

What is the calorie consumption per 30 minutes while mowing the lawn?

If you want to lose a little weight, you can definitely do a little strength training while mowing the lawn. Just like other sports, what counts here is: Stamina, speed and diligence. If you do this physical activity on the side, you will not only have done something good for your body, but you will also have a beautiful lawn. Active lawn mowing can burn about 240 calories per 30 minutes. This involves a commercial electric mower. With the hand mower, i.e. a non-electrically driven lawn mower, it is even a whole 310 calories per 30 minutes. If you want to do even more for the figure, you can also weed, thereby you can consume 320 calories per 30 minutes.

Even if mowing the lawn doesn’t sound like an active sport, a lot of calories are burned. We’ll answer the question: How many calories does mowing the lawn burn?

Your neighbor does it every other day: mowing the lawn. If you take a closer look, mowing the lawn is like sport. You have a piece of sports equipment that has to be pushed, and you’re sweating in the sun. You can’t really work out while mowing the lawn, but the more area that needs to be mowed, the more strenuous it becomes. Those who have a particularly large garden need stamina to push the heavy lawn mower. It gets even more interesting when mowing by hand. But how many calories can really be burned in the process?

Conclusion on calorie consumption when mowing the lawn:
In the end, it pays to mow the lawn. People who spend time in the garden and care for it often consume more calories than people who spend time only indoors. Leaves are swept up here, the lawn is mowed there, and weeds are weeded elsewhere. Exercise is worthwhile, and if you want to burn a few calories along the way, 240 calories per 30 minutes of lawn mowing is a good average.

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