What Species Of Mallow Should Be Kept Winter Safe?

Those who believe that mallows bloom every year anew and without intervention are mistaken. There are species of mallow that do not survive the winter period. What should be taken into account?

Malve im Winter

Annual and perennial mallow species
Among the non-hardy mallows, the best known species are cup mallow and musk mallow. But there are also species that do not need to be sown every year. Provided with winter protection, the following mallow species survive several years:

Wild mallow
Bush mallow
Tree mallow
Cane mallow
Beautiful mallow

Protect frost-hardy mallows in winter
The mallows, which are hardy, you should easily protect in the winter, for example, with a layer of straw, brushwood, leaves or. Mallows in pots on the balcony and terrace, should be brought indoors for wintering. Before wintering, it is advisable to cut back the plant heavily.

Overwintered mallows should be freed from their protective layer or moved back outside to their usual location in mid-May.

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