What To Do If Dog Drank Cleaning Agent?

What To Do If Dog Drank Cleaning Agent?

As necessary as regular cleaning may be for a clean household, household cleaners can become a danger for furry noses on contact. But what should you do in an emergency, i.e. if your dog has drunk the cleaning agent? We have summarized the most important tips for first aid and precaution.

Even though the reports about the danger of death posed by cleaning cloths of a certain brand proved to be a hoax a few years ago, cleaning agents can still be very dangerous for our four-legged friends. Many of their ingredients are corrosive or toxic. Sometimes both. If a dog has drunk or eaten cleaning products, the consequences can be tragic.

“Organic cleaning products”: danger for dogs?

Even the use of organic cleaners is not completely harmless! They also contain surfactants as cleaning-active substances, which bind fats to water and thus achieve the cleaning effect. The designation “organic” refers only to the degradability of the cleaning agent. Nevertheless, the surfactants are irritating and harmful to the mucous membranes of humans and animals. Local irritation or even chemical burns of the eyes, nose, mucous membranes, tongue, throat or mouth may occur in extreme cases.

Dilute cleaning agents accordingly

However, nobody needs to panic when mopping up the floor. If the cleaning agent is diluted as prescribed, even licking over the damp floor should not harm the dog. It becomes dangerous, however, if the four-legged darling grabs a cleaning agent bottle and bites it open or an open bottle falls over, the agent drips out and the dog licks it up.

From which dose a cleaning agent is poisonous depends on the agent itself, the size and age as well as the state of health of the dog.

My dog has drunk cleaning agent – what symptoms indicate poisoning?

  • excessive licking and salivating
  • foaming at the mouth
  • gagging
  • snapping
  • breathing problems
  • apathy
  • strong excitement
  • diarrhea
  • vomiting
  • blood in vomit, feces or urine
  • Changes in drinking behavior, etc.
  • Most symptoms are noticeable after only a few minutes.

Systemic poisoning of the animal develops slowly and only shows symptoms after a few days. Therefore, observe the dog closely for about five to seven days and do not leave it alone!

My dog has drunk cleaning agent – how do I give first aid? How do I help the vet?

  • Put away the cleaning agent
  • Contact the nearest veterinarian, animal hospital or poison control center
  • Do not let the animal vomit deliberately
  • Wash out mucous membranes with lukewarm water
  • Wash paws until they no longer foam
  • Take cleaning products to the veterinarian

Prevention: how can I prevent my dog from drinking cleaning products?

  • Keep dog out of the house/apartment when cleaning, or at least not in the room where cleaning is taking place
  • keep cleaning agents out of reach
  • Use only the products that are needed at the moment
  • Empty cleaning water quickly
  • Do not pour cleaning water onto compost