When Can I Cut Back Large Maple?

Maple enchants with its magnificent autumn color and also gives a beautifully shaped house and garden tree during the rest of the year. However, when pruning maple trees are sensitive.

Do not cut maple in the spring

The critical period for maple trees is the time of leaf budding, that is, in the spring. Here, do not cut at all, otherwise the tree would strongly “bleed” or lose sap. It is better to prune in late autumn or winter during dormancy. Nevertheless, even in this period plant sap can escape from the cut wounds, although not in such quantities.

When Can I Cut Back Large Maple?

Treat cut surfaces

Here you can help the maple with a “wound dressing”. There is in the trade wound protection paste such as Malusan (from Neudorff), which are spread on larger cut surfaces. On the one hand, this prevents sap loss and additionally prevents germs from entering the wound. Here maple trees are very sensitive. The notorious maple wilt can quickly appear on branch injuries.

Cut as seldom as possible

You can hardly avoid the long young shoots when you prune the tree annually. As soon as you cut off one shoot, two new ones will grow twice as long. The only thing that really helps here is to let the tree grow in peace and to sparingly remove only the inner and crossing branches every two to three years – a so-called thinning out pruning, as the gardener calls it.

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