When To Cut Clematis?

Clematis (clematis) are divided into three groups: the early-flowering mountain clematis group, early summer bloomers, as well as summer bloomers. Almost all of them are pruned from March.

When To Cut Clematis?

An exception is the mountain forest vine (Clematis montana cultivars) and similar growing cultivars such as C. alpina and C. macropetala. They bloom only on one-year-old wood and would lose all buds with pruning before budbreak. Prune these early-flowering clematis varieties, if necessary, after flowering in May.

The basic rules for a clematis plant pruning are quite simple: all shoots are cut back to one height. The right time for most plants is in the spring, before new shoots.

Pruning is done whenever the plant becomes too large or threatens to senesce after many years of uninterrupted flowering. To do this, also cut the mountain forest vine immediately after flowering to half, for rejuvenation even radically cut back to one meter above the ground. The old shoots usually die back to the ground. However, they are directly replaced by new ground shoots from the so-called reserve buds.

By the way, when replanting clematis, it is therefore important to place the plant in the ground up to above the first pair of buds. Thus, the plant retains the possibility of new shoots, if the old shoots die.

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