Which Plants To Choose To Decorate An Interior?

You don’t have a garden? So what? Some plants love to grow indoors. Here is a small selection of plants that will be happy to accompany you between your walls:

  • Aloe vera loves dry soil. Just water it every 3 days or so.
  • Tomatoes. They like sun and warmth. Place them on your windows, facing south, and light them with a fluorescent lamp during the dark winter days.
  • Cilantro. It likes heat and needs light. Expose it to sunlight in the morning behind an east-facing window. Keep the soil moist but not soggy.
  • Spinach. It likes moderate temperatures. Find a sunny spot for it that stays at room temperature. Choose a deep pot for it to spread its roots.
  • Basil. It likes sun and warmth and a spot behind a south-facing window will be a treat for it. You can place it in the same pot as your tomatoes.

All these plants in your apartment will provide you with something to enjoy all year long.

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