Why And How To Aerate The Lawn: Equipment And Frequency


  • mower
  • aerator
  • sand
  • shovel
  • lawn broom

If the lawn is heavily compacted, rent professional equipment that, while digging holes, removes a core of soil. Aeration is then more efficient.

Good to know:
The aerator roller is the easiest tool to use. But, if the lawn is very small, use aerator pads to attach to the soles of your shoes, or make holes with a spade fork driven vertically.

Mowing the lawn

Tondre le gazon

At least once a year, it is necessary to aerate the lawn. Start by mowing your lawn fairly short, setting the cutting height of your mower to the lowest possible position.

Pass the aerator

Passer l'aérateur

Then make cross passes with the aerator. This is a kind of roller with spikes that digs holes in the soil, allowing air to flow down to the roots.

Spreading sand

Epandre du sable

Spread river sand over the entire surface of your lawn to prevent the holes formed from being filled in too quickly. Do not use sand that is too fine, as it will also compact. Use a shovel to spread the sand evenly.

Fill the ventilation holes with sand

Bien remplir de sable les trous d'aeration

To get the aerator into the holes formed by the aerator, sweep the lawn with a broom. Water afterwards. If the lawn is very busy, a second intervention in early fall may be necessary.