Why Do My Pear Leaves Have Orange Spots

The pear tree is affected by pear rust. The typical orange spots on the leaves indicate this. For the pear tree, this is not bad in itself, because as soon as the leaves fall off, the infection is also over.

Nevertheless, the pathogen weakens the fruit tree and the pear harvest is partly lost because the pears rot on the tree. The only remedy would be to find the “host,” a juniper nearby that carries the pathogen in the form of spore deposits (slimy, orange piles). Unfortunately, this is often not possible because the area of spread of the spores by wind is relatively large.

Why Do My Pear Leaves Have Orange Spots

This could help with pear rust

Plant strengtheners from leaf shoots or an antifungal agent are possible in the form of spraying

Otherwise, collect all leaves and rotten pears in the fall and dispose of them in the residual waste. Once you have found the host, i.e. the infected juniper, you still have to persuade the owner to remove it….

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