10 Effective Baits For Your Rat Trap

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If you suffer from a rat infestation, you can attract and control the pests with a trap. Whether you choose a live trap or a beating trap is up to you. If you are only dealing with a few specimens in your home or garden, a live trap is sufficient. Lure the rats into the trap and release them far away to get rid of the infestation.

But which bait is best for rat traps and attracts the rodents? In movies, people fall back on the cliché that rats are not repugnant to anything, especially cheese. Once the smell is perceived, the rodents run blindly into the trap. But is cheese really that effective or are there alternatives that promise more success? Use the following rat trap baits to book a quick success.

10 Effective Baits For Your Rat Trap

What do you need to consider when placing the baits?
Are you still hesitating whether you should choose natural baits or rather a rat poison? Then the decision in favor of a natural bait is not difficult.

Keep away from rat poison

Because rat poison belongs only in the hands of a professional. Handling it is dangerous for non-professionals, and there is a risk of children or pets coming into contact with the toxic substances. If you have laid out the rat poison, it could be carried to other places by the animals, so that you are no longer able to trace where the poison is actually located. Rat poison is therefore only the last method to get rid of a rat infestation. Before that, it is advisable to use natural rat baits, which are much more harmless to the environment.

Natural rat baits for omnivores

Rats are considered omnivores. In their search for food, they are not very picky. Into your home or garden, rodents are often attracted by smell. Whether it’s from the compost or the pantry, rats prove to be extremely clever animals that can almost always find a way to the food source.

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For rat baits to work, make sure that no odors from other sources reduce their effectiveness. If there is a strong odor coming from the kitchen, for example, rats are more likely to be attracted to it than to the desired bait. Stow your food in appropriate containers and jars. Don’t leave fruit lying around in the open and dispose of food scraps in a locked garbage can. If rats do not find alternative food sources, they are more likely to fall into the trap.

Avoid own odor

Handschuhe - Rattenköder

If you fill a rat trap, you should also minimize its own odor. Rats react extremely shy to humans and if they perceive your smell, the animals would most likely avoid the trap.

Wear gloves and long clothes to fill the trap. Also, prevent your cat from getting near the trap. If the rat does not perceive a threat, it will be more likely to visit the trap and be successful in driving it away.

10 effective baits to lure the rats into the traps.

You’ve slipped on the gloves, the traps are in place, and you’re ready to add bait. The following foods are wonderful for attracting the rats. Often, these are foods that have a strong odor. This will attract the rats to the trap even from a greater distance.

1 Nut nougat cream

Popular with children, nut nougat cream also proves to be a real treat for rats. Spread a piece of bread with this spread and wait for the rat to be attracted to the sweetness. Whether rodents turn out to be gourmets and prefer to eat branded products is not clear. Therefore, you can try it with any nougat variety.

2 Bread

Bread is not only suitable as a base for a sweet spread. Rats also like a simple, dry slice of bread. Opt for a variety that is strongly scented and contains lots of grains. Freshly baked bread is especially tasty for rodents. Do not lay the bread out in damp places. It is more prone to mold in the garden and will not be picked up by the rats.

3 grains

Körner - Köder für die Rattenfalle

Rats often stay near farms. There, the rodents are attracted to the grains. You can also use this circumstance for your trap. Muesli or oatmeal serve as an attractant here. However, these baits prove to be less effective if there are actually fields in the vicinity where wheat or other grains are grown.

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4 Chocolate

Not only Nutella, but also solid chocolate seems to be extremely popular with rats. A simple milk chocolate will likewise entice rodents into the trap. Chop up the pieces to make it easier for rats to get to the prey.

5 Pet food

If you leave dog food lying around in the open, this could already be a reason why rats have made their way to your home. Pet food is a welcome source of food for wandering rats. Both dog and cat food make excellent bait.

6 Hard boiled egg

Eier - Rattenköder

Eggs are nutritious and indispensable for many people at breakfast. Eggs are also considered a favorite food for rats. Raw eggs are not suitable, because they smell less intense and rats would have to break through the shell first. Hard-boiled eggs are easier to use and promise just as much success.

7 Sausage, ham or bacon

Rats are considered omnivores. Therefore, they are attracted to all foods that are also on the menu of humans. Whether liver sausage, bacon or ham – you can try out for yourself which type of meat goes down best with rats. The stronger the meat smells, the easier it is to control the rats.

8 Fish

What is true for meat is also true for fish. Fish secretes such an intense odor that it should only be placed in remote locations. In the house, it leaves a lasting stench, so the fish is more something for the garden. Fatty fish is particularly attractive to rats.

9 Fruits

Äpfel und Weintrauben

Besides all the fatty and calorie-rich foods, rats also prove to be gourmets. Fruits prefer the small rodents when they hardly find natural sources of water. Then apples, grapes or the watermelon are ideal to provide sufficient liquid.

10 Syrup

Rats also love to eat sweet syrup. It is often viscous and sticky. As a result, cleaning the rat trap requires a bit more effort. However, if the syrup turns out to be effective, it has done its job.

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Application tips
When using the trap, you still need to pay attention to where you place it and how you handle the bait. In order for the bait to have its full effect, the trap should be placed somewhat sheltered from the wind. This way, the smell will spread better and the bait will not be blown away. Also, place the trap safely away from the elements. Rain or strong sunlight will cause the bait to spoil more quickly.

The fresher the bait, the more attractive it is. Grains or bread are considered long-lasting in the appropriate locations. Fruits, on the other hand, you need to replace more frequently to make them attractive to rats.

Place traps near walkways and access points. Keep patience and carefully place the bait. Then rat control will be associated with greater success.

The right bait for the rat trap

Now you have received some suggestions about what baits are attractive to rats. These are common foods that are also on the menu of rodents. Experiment yourself with different foods and make your own experience, in terms of effectiveness. The baits presented here have already proven to be effective and promise to lure rats into the trap.


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