• 8 Tips To Drive Away Wild Boars From The Garden

    8 Tips To Drive Away Wild Boars From The Garden

    The wild boar population is increasing. Therefore, it can easily happen that you encounter wild boars in your own garden. But there are helpful ways to keep wild boars out of your garden in an animal-friendly way. Our guide presents eight practical tips to keep wild boars out of your garden. Tip #1: Remove food…

  • Lawn With Light Spots: Poa Annua and Poa Trivialis

    Laying a lawn is sometimes quite laborious and time-consuming. So it is annoying when, after a while, tufts of light green grass stand out on the “Premium Top Quality Family & Fun” lawn. The culprits are annual bluegrass (Poa annua) or common bluegrass (Poa trivialis). They even make life difficult for sod producers. This is…

  • Lack of Water in the Vegetable Patch: the Consequences

    Lack of water in garden crops results in wilting and stunted growth. Radishes and radishes, for example, become very sharp and grow slowly when water is scarce. Sometimes they flower and do not produce tubers. Lack of water in the vegetable patch and the consequences of fluctuating soil moisture If the soil moisture fluctuates too…

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