Can Potting Soil Be Used On Lawn?

Can Potting Soil Be Used On Lawn?

Lawn grasses should grow densely and at the same time withstand continuous stress without damage. To do this, they need an optimal substrate. Potting soil is not mixed together for their needs, but as a gap filler and fill the lawn is quite acceptable.

  • Potting soil is rich in nutrients but has a very loose structure
  • Grass benefits from nutrients, but does not get a firm hold (is not hard-wearing)
  • Soil can only be used to fill in unevenness and to reseed gaps
  • alternatively as a thin, fertilizing layer on lawns
  • depending on the case, improved with compost, sand and/or topsoil if necessary

Use advantages of potting soil

Also in other cases, such as closing gaps or filling uneven areas, special lawn soil should be used if possible. But the use of potting soil is not completely excluded, as it can certainly contribute a few advantages:

  • is available everywhere, even in supermarkets
  • much cheaper than lawn soil
  • can be used for leftovers after the last flower planting
  • contains usable NPK fertilizer
  • lawn seeds take root in the best possible way
  • old turf gets a new growth spurt

Use potting soil for repairs

Old lawns get gaps now and then. These gaps need to be reseeded to make the lawn green again throughout. Potting soil can be used for this purpose. Since the different potting soils all have slightly different compositions, take a look at the packaging. This will help you determine how close it is to the ideal lawn soil. This is composed of:

  • 50% compost
  • 35 % humus
  • 15 % sand


If necessary, you can improve the potting soil before use. For example, by adding sand or compost.

Tip: Also pay attention to the ideal pH value. Lawn grasses grow best in soil that has a value between 5.5 and 6.5.

How to use potting soil

You can always fill in small, shallow bumps with potting soil. If gaps in the lawn are to be re-vegetated, wait until April or September. Then proceed as follows:

Can Potting Soil Be Used On Lawn?
  • Mow the lawn as short as possible.
  • Loosen the bare spots deeply.
  • Remove moss and dead lawn grasses.
  • Pull out any weeds along with their roots.
  • Mix lawn seed and potting soil.
  • Spread the mixture evenly over the bare areas.
  • Tread the soil firmly.

Water the area with a fine stream of water, preferably with a spray head.
Tip: You can also spread the potting soil first and then sow the seeds on top. Then be sure to use a board or roller to push the seeds deeper into the soil so that they get soil contact.

Fill up large depressions

Pure potting soil is not suitable for filling large depressions in the lawn. It is largely composed of organic material that is broken down over time by soil organisms. As a result, the soil will sag, and the hollows will reappear, although not as pronounced.

  • Mix potting soil 1:1 with topsoil.
  • moisten mixture after spreading (promotes compaction)
  • fill large depressions in several passes
  • sow only after the soil has settled down
Can Potting Soil Be Used On Lawn?

Spread potting soil on lawn

If you have leftover potting soil, you don’t have to wait for lawn gaps. You can immediately spread the potting soil evenly and thinly over the lawn, and use it to lightly fill in the lawn as well. Since the lawn grasses already have a firm hold, their loose structure can not harm them, especially since the soil is used in manageable quantities. Thanks to the nutrients nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, potting soil acts as a small fertilizer.

Frequently asked questions

Should I fill in lawn gaps immediately?

Yes, sow gaps as soon as possible. Otherwise, there is a risk that bare patches will be colonized by weeds.

For which lawn is a thin layer of potting soil useful?

If the lawn is on very sandy soil, it may suffer from a lack of water, because sand can not store water. Potting soil, on the other hand, can store water well. If it is spread on the lawn, the two layers will eventually mix. This improves the water storage capacity of the subsoil.

Animals have punctured my lawn, can I use potting soil?

Yes, this is possible, if necessary mixed with topsoil. But before you fill up these holes and reseed them, you should first go on a “culprit search” and then take appropriate measures. Otherwise, you will soon have new holes in the lawn.