Do Copper Coins Help Against Wasps?

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 09:00 pm

Wasps can become a real nuisance in summer. No sooner have you sat down comfortably for coffee on the terrace than the annoying insects are already there. Again and again you hear or read that copper coins protect against wasps. But is that really true, or is it just a fairy tale? How is it supposed to work? What effects does copper have on the insects? We show you what is behind this tip.

Summertime – Wasp Time

Wasps are on the move in August at the latest. Then the time of reproduction and brood care is over and the insects are in search of food. Of the eight species of wasps common in Europe, only two are a nuisance to humans:

  • the common wasp (Vespula vulgaris)
  • the german wasp (Vespula germanica)

Do Copper Coins Help Against Wasps?

These two species love our cake, the jam roll and even the grilled sausage. The other wasp species usually give people a wide berth.

By the way, did you know that the wasp and the bee are related? They have the same carnivorous ancestors. Honeybees evolved into herbivores about a hundred million years ago and are now one of the most popular insects.

Copper coins against wasps

For many years there has been a belief that copper coins help against wasps. In summer, small bowls of copper coins are often found on the tables of cafés and beer gardens to drive away the pests.
The advocates of the tradition are sure that this is how the effect unfolds:

  • Copper has good conductivity
  • sun rays cause the coins to heat up
  • development of an unpleasant smell for the insects as a result of heating up
  • Creation of an insurmountable barrier for the animals
  • Insects are driven away
  • Use of other copper objects possible
  • Advantage: no chemicals, no harm to the animals
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Tip: Even though everyone would like to have a coffee table without wasps visiting, you should not forget that the wasp is a protected species and occupies an important place in the ecological cycle.

Myth or truth?

Hardly any story persists as the one about copper coins against wasps. There is no proof of this. Biologists, ecologists and conservationists are not convinced of the effectiveness of copper in driving away the black and yellow pests. Nevertheless, the belief in the home remedy persists and spreads through the Internet. It’s best to try it out for yourself.


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