Do Stink Bugs Really Stink?

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 08:29 pm

Do they really stink? Are they poisonous? Stink bugs are an issue every year. Here’s what you should know about these little creatures.

What do stink bugs look like?

There are green and brown stink bugs. In spring they are green and in autumn they change color and become brown. They are up to twelve millimeters in size and have no biting or chewing tools. Instead, they have a multi-part proboscis, also called a rostrum.

Are stink bugs dangerous?

Do Stink Bugs Really Stink?

The small bugs are neither dangerous nor poisonous. They are just a little hard to catch, but otherwise completely harmless.

Do stink bugs really stink?

In fact, the insects only secrete the stinky secretion when they are under stress or killed. Otherwise, you don’t actually smell stink bugs.

What can I do about stink bugs?

You can trap them and release them into the wild. You should be careful when doing this to avoid excreting the strong smelling secretion. The Nature Conservancy advises using a soft hand broom to sweep stink bugs outside. But be careful: the little animals can fly well. Closed windows and doors or fly screens protect against the entry of the bugs.

Why are there so many stink bugs around in the fall?

The little animals are looking for a winter shelter. Naturally, they are drawn to the warm. Many stink bugs hide in piles of leaves to hibernate there.

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Who are the stink bug’s natural enemies?

Chickens like to go after the stink bug and common insectivores, such as the woodpecker and other birds are also very interested in the small bugs as food.


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