Do Tomatoes Need A Lot Of Water?

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 08:28 pm

In my reports about tomatoes is usually always talk about … Tomatoes need a lot of water. I have now involuntarily made a test and let them die of thirst a little.

Do Tomatoes Need A Lot Of Water?

That is, they have not received water for almost a week. Not from the watering can nor rainwater from above 🙂 And they still look very good, they grow and thrive splendidly. But why is that?

Tomatoes, like all small plants when you grow them by seed, need plenty of water. Once they are big enough for the garden, they are pricked out and put outside. Even now, our tomatoes get enough water and some fertilizer to make them grow big and strong

Our tomato plants are hanging on full. Even the vine can’t quite hold them. Now we were on vacation and our “watering sitter” for this time unfortunately could not take care of our tomatoes. Oh well, they will survive. After all, tomatoes are originally from Central and South America and are used to the warm weather.

When we were back home and I checked on our tomatoes, I was very surprised. They didn’t die, the leaves didn’t droop and all the tomatoes were strong and red.

But why is that?

The roots of the tomato can grow up to 2 meters in depth and can therefore stay above water. They not only draw water from this depth, but also get all the most important nutrients from the soil. However, this only works for tomatoes that are planted out in the garden. Tomatoes that grow in tubs on the balcony really need water.

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I can calmly go on vacation without having a “watering sitter”.


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