Earthworms: In Your Potted Plants (Good or Bad)?

Compost : utilisations au jardin, au potager et pour les plantes en pot

Can an earthworm live in a flowerpot!

FlowerpotTo begin with, let’s say that the flowerpot is not the earthworm’s natural habitat. Its living space is larger than the volume of a pot of any size, or even that of a planter. Nevertheless, the worm can live for some time in the substrate, subject to the type and maintenance conditions of the flowers.

The quality and balance of the soil are the primary factors. Indeed if you regularly bring natural fertilizing materials on the surface of the pot, the worm can subsist with the help of this food. Note that I exclude chemical fertilizers.

If the humidity is suitable the worm will not leave the pot, but if you water the soil in excess, the worm will be drowned in water.

A composter –

The best compromise to make an earthworm and a plant cohabit would be to use a composter – planter (or planter – composter). This equipment would reserve a space for planting and an area for depositing the material to be composted. The proximity of the environments would be favorable to both hosts of the container. The worms would migrate between the plant space and the food, thus favoring the transport of fertilizer to the root system of the plantation. Be careful, this ecosystem is not compatible with the use of chemical products to the plant.

So, the next time you discover an earthworm while repotting, ask yourself the right questions in order to move it to the ground or give it a new life in a pot with flowers!

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