Effectively Control Aphids On Parsley

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Aphids occur quite often on parsley in the open ground. Usually a bad location, too dense planting and too much moisture are to blame. What you can do against aphids and how best to prevent them.

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Aphids – what to do?

  • Collecting
  • Spray with water jet
  • Prepare nettle broth
  • Cut off infested leaves
  • If parsley is infested with aphids, it can hardly be used in the kitchen. Who wants to find aphids on the lettuce?

For minor infestations, collect the aphids or spray the plants with a light stream of water.

Effectively Control Aphids On Parsley

Means against heavy aphid infestation
Even if there are a lot of aphids on the plant, do not resort to chemical means. They are harmful not only to beneficial insects, but also to you, if you eat parsley treated in this way.

Prepare a nettle broth and spray the plants with it.

To do this, cut a few non-flowering nettles, put them in lukewarm water for 24 hours. Pour off the water and pour the decoction into a pointed bottle. After treatment, do not harvest the parsley for a long time.

  • Prevention from aphids
  • Do not plant too densely
  • Keep only moderately moist
  • Partial shade location without direct sun
  • Plant distracting plants
  • Provide for garden beneficial insects
  • Keep ants away
  • Good prevention reduces aphid infestation

A good, airy location will protect against aphids. Distracting plants such as nasturtiums can be very helpful. These plants are popular with aphids, so they are more likely to go for the cress than the parsley.

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Some beneficial insects such as lacewings or ladybugs live on aphids. Make these garden inhabitants feel at home in your garden by using insect hotels. They eat a majority of all aphids.

Ants help spread aphids. Therefore, keep ants away from parsley by breaking up walkways and removing ant nests.

Tips & Tricks.
If aphids have appeared on the parsley in the pot, you can try submerging the parsley pot, leaves down, in water for some time. This will help destroy many aphids. Put infested pots separately, so that the aphids can not spread even further.


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