How Tall Does Pampas Grass Grow?

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Pampas grass comes from South America and captivates with its fronds that gently bend back and forth in the wind. However, this effect requires a certain height and size of the plant.

Varieties in a table

NameHeight of growth in cmFlower height in cmGrowth width in cmFlower color in cmLeaf color
Andes Silverup to 200 (including fronds)up to 150cream whitegreen
Argenteaup to 80 (including leaves)200up to 120whitebluish-medium green
Aureolineataup to 80 (including leaves)180100 till 150silvery whitelight yellow green striped
Citaro80 to 150 (including fronds)200 to 250100 to 120white-yellowishdark green
Comet80 to 150 (including fronds)50 to 150cream whitegray green, green white
Compacta100 to 150 (including fronds)40creamy white to silverygreen
Esperanta70 to 90 (including fronds)100 to 120cream yellow to light browngreen with golden yellow leaf edge
Evita70 to 150 (including fronds)60 to 80light yellow, whitegray-green
Golden Comet80 to 150 (including fronds)50 to 150cream whitegolden yellow green striped
Junior80 to 100 (including fronds)up to 50creamgreen
Liliput80 to 120 (including fronds)100 to 120silvery-whitegray-green
Mini Silver75 to 100 (including leaves)18070 to 100pinkteal
Patagoniaup to 150 (including fronds)up to 100reddishgreen
Pink Featherup to 90 (including leaves)180100 to 120silvery pinkgray-green
Pumila50 (including leaves)120100 to 120silver/whitedark green to gray green
Rendalteri200 to 250 (including fronds)up to 100pink to purplegreen
Roseaup to 90 (including leaves)200up to 100brownish pinkgray-green
Rose Plum110 to 130 (including fronds)up to 80delicate pinkgreen
Seniorup to 80 ( including leaves)200up to 40cream whitedark green to gray green
Silver Comet50 to 150 (including fronds)60 to 80shimmering whitegrayish green with white leaf edges
Splendid Star100 to 150 (including fronds)70 to 100cream to beigegreen cream white variegated
Sunningdale Silverup to 90 (including leaves)200 to 250100 to 120silver whitegray-green
White feather90 to 250 (including fronds)50 to 80silvery-whitegray-green

American pampas grass, also called silver pampas grass or pampas grass for short, belongs to the sweet grasses (Poaceae). The clump of Cortaderia selloana, as it is botanically called, consists of overhanging leaves that are close together and can grow 100 to 200 centimeters long. The long ovoid panicle flowers stand close together or loosely, later becoming feathery, and are silvery white, yellowish, or pink (pink), depending on the variety. The height of the panicles ranges from 30 to 100 centimeters. If the stem is added, the flower height can be up to 250 centimeters.

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Frequently asked questions

How many plants should I put per square meter?

How Tall Does Pampas Grass Grow?

Since pampas grass grows very spreading, in terms of height and size, it is enough if you put one plant per square meter.

When can I cut off the long fronds?

Pampas grass is cut back in the spring, as the leaves and fronds serve as protection during the winter. It is optimal if you tie the grass against cold wind.


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