How To Reduce And Recycle Garden Waste

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 09:05 pm

Every year, more than 400 kg of vegetable waste are collected from each individual household in the Metropolis.

These collections generate noise and pollution and represent a significant cost for the community. At the same time, many gardeners compensate for the lack of organic matter in their garden by buying compost and organic fertilizers.

How To Reduce And Recycle Garden Waste

However, solutions exist: by cultivating your garden in a more sustainable way, you can effectively reduce the amount of waste produced. By managing the remaining waste directly in your garden, you will transform it into a free and beneficial resource for your crops, for the life of the soil and for the biodiversity of your garden, while saving you from many tedious tasks.

Composting, shredding, mulching, planting perennials and species that produce little waste, flower meadows, hedges… Through the meetings of the gardeners’ club, we suggest ways to change our view of the maintenance of our gardens and to move from problematic waste to a beneficial resource!


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