Melissa Oil: Effect And How To Use The Essential Oil

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Melissa Oil: Effect And How To Use The Essential Oil

Would you like to know what effect lemon balm oil has and how you can best use it? Here you will find an overview of all the facts worth knowing about lemon balm oil.

Anyone who has ever rubbed and smelled a lemon balm leaf will surely remember the lemony scent. It has earned lemon balm the nickname lemon balm. The essential oil in the lemon balm plant is responsible for the lemony scent – it consists of the components citronellal and citral, among others. As Netdoktor reports, it is these substances, among others, that give lemon balm oil its calming and antiviral character.

Melissa Oil: Effect And How To Use The Essential Oil

We will explain how lemon balm oil works and how to use it. In addition, we tell you at the end how you can make an extract of lemon balm oil yourself at home.

Pure lemon balm oil and alternatives

Melissa Oil: Effect And How To Use The Essential Oil

To make lemon balm oil, you need a lot of lemon balm leaves. That is why the price of pure lemon balm oil is very high and it is hard to find in stores.

But there are some alternatives that you can get in drugstores and health food stores:

Some essential oil blends contain lemon balm oil. It occurs mainly in combination with lavender.
Melissa spirit is also a cheaper alternative to pure Melissa oil. Melissa spirit is an alcohol-milissa oil mixture and, according to the Deutsche Apothekerzeitung, has a disinfecting effect due to its high alcohol content.

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Tip: If you buy products with lemon balm oil, make sure they are certified organic. This way you avoid residues of synthetic chemical pesticides.

How melissa oil works

Melissa Oil: Effect And How To Use The Essential Oil

You can use lemon balm oil according to Apotheken-Umschau, among other things, for the following complaints:

  • inner restlessness and insomnia as well as
  • gastrointestinal problems such as bloating or flatulence.
  • A study by the University of Heidelberg also found that lemon balm oil has an antiviral effect against herpes.

How to apply lemon balm oil

You can use lemon balm oil for any of the above ailments as follows:

  • For inner restlessness, insomnia or gastrointestinal problems: Apply mixtures of lemon balm oil externally by diluting two drops with a teaspoon of oil (for example, almond, soy or olive oil) and massaging it onto the painful areas.
  • For herpes: According to the study of the University of Heidelberg, it is recommended to apply lemon balm oil diluted three to four times to the corresponding infected area.
  • Tip: Öko-Test recommends using melissa oil for a relaxing full bath. To do this, add 15 drops of lemon balm oil, 300 grams of sea salt and one tablespoon of almond or olive oil to your water bath.


  • Not sure if your body is allergic to lemon balm? Put some diluted oil on the crook of your arm and wait to see if pustules or redness form within a few minutes. These are signs of an allergic reaction.
  • Pay attention to Melissa oil and also other essential oils to see if they are suitable during pregnancy. This is because some essential oils can induce labor, according to Netdoktor. Essential oils in high concentrations are also harmful to children. Instead, you should greatly dilute lemon balm oil before using it on children. The European Federal Institute for Risk Assessment advises only using products with essential oils that are explicitly suitable for children. Keep especially close track of the dosage instructions.
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How to make lemon balm oil yourself

Melissa Oil: Effect And How To Use The Essential Oil

You can also make an extract (macerate) from the lemon balm plant yourself.

For this you need:

  • A sealable canning jar or a sealable glass bottle
  • about 20 washed, freshly picked lemon balm leaves
  • 100 milliliters of olive, almond or sunflower oil from organic farming

Here’s how to extract lemon balm oil at home:

  • Chop the lemon balm leaves and put them in the jar.
  • Pour the oil over the leaves. Make sure that all the leaves are well covered.
  • Close the jar and leave the mixture in a cool and dark place for about three weeks.
  • From time to time you can shake the oil mixture to avoid sedimentation.
  • After three weeks, strain the oil and store it in a dark place.
  • Then use the extract as listed above for ailments.

Note: Do not use this lemon balm extract on children or if you are pregnant.


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