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The Dangers Of Compost To Dogs

Some dogs love to hang out on the compost to eat leftovers… unfortunately this can have serious, even fatal consequences. Especially when the grass is mowed, it ferments on the compost and releases a green and foul-smelling juice that some dogs love.

With the heat, certain toxins develop, which, once absorbed, can cause serious neurological symptoms.

Open compost closed compost, dog friendly First, the dog has seizures that resemble epilepsy, he has a high fever, gasps, sometimes drools. It usually has incoercible tremors and is no longer able to walk. Symptoms can occur within 30 minutes after ingestion, or even several hours later. Treatment is symptomatic, with sedation, intravenous fluids, and fever-reducing drugs.

So if your dog is very interested in compost, invest in a closed compost bin… it’s safer!

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