The Ideal Location For The Clary Sage

Clary sage gives off an aroma that women find repulsive and men find pleasant. For the plants to develop this extraordinary fragrance, their habitat requirements must be met. If the location is suboptimal, the aroma falls by the wayside.

Muskattellersalbei Garten

A loamy, sandy soil with high permeability provides optimal growing conditions for the nutmeg sage. Normal garden soil poses no problems. The Salvia species can also cope with the lime content in typical garden soil. The culinary herb feels just as comfortable in a sandy soil with humus content.

Here you can plant the sage:

  • Gravel bed
  • normal garden bed
  • gravel areas
  • Habitat

Salvia sclarea prefers a fully sunny place where dry conditions prevail. In its natural range, which extends from the Mediterranean to Central Asia, the plant is found in forests, on rocky slopes, in fields and along roadsides. It climbs to altitudes of up to 2,000 meters.


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