Urban Gardening – 5 Tips For Gardening On The Balcony

What is urban gardening and how can a worm bin help me? We provide you with 5 tips for gardening on the balcony.

What is Urban Gardening?

DIY: How to Plant a Personal Garden In a Small Urban Space

This means gardening in a small space, i.e. on the city balcony or roof terrace – according to the motto that even with little space available something can grow and a small garden can be created. With Urban Gardening you use small cultivation areas in the city optimally around flowers and herbs, in addition, fruit and vegetables to cultivate. Every small area counts, no matter if horizontal or vertical.

Do you also want a little green in your courtyard, on your terrace, balcony or even windowsill? Then this trend is just right for you & with these tips you can start your urban gardening project right away.

You’ll quickly realize that gardening is more than just a great hobby and makes you feel good. You’ll probably discover many more benefits soon, because with your urban gardening project you can simply bring a bit of color & floral scent between the gray walls of your city or grow your own fruits and vegetables right away.

You improve the urban climate and the air quality with Urban Gardening and if you even grow your own food, you also reduce transportation, packaging waste, toxic pesticides and gain space to enjoy nature and your creativity. Even if it’s just a few herbs you choose to start with, they’re an asset to any salad.

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Our 5 tips for gardening on your small balcony:

Make your own plant soil

With worm humus, which you get by composting your green & kitchen waste in the worm bin, you can easily upgrade your (old) plant soil. Find out how to do it, why you should do it and how you can use the worm compost for gardening on your balcony.

Make your own fertilizer

With the help of worm composting, you can not only produce high-quality plant soil for your Urban Garden, but also fertilizer for your balcony and houseplants. Besides worm compost, worm tea and compost tea are true miracle fertilizers – and the best: 100% natural. Here you will find the scientific explanations why worms make the best fertilizer.

Raised bed, vertical garden, window box or windowsill

The good news: gardening works even on a small balcony. Because: no matter how big your Urban Garden is, there is a suitable solution for every space. For example, you can easily place kitchen herbs on the windowsill or hang them on the wall with matching pots. Vertical Gardening beds, on the other hand, allow you to grow lots of fruits & vegetables even on a small balcony if you don’t have enough space for planters and containers, because the planters are mounted on top of each other.

Varieties & location

Depending on the location of your outdoor space, very different plants are suitable. Therefore, when buying seeds or seedlings, pay attention to the recommended location and how much space they need for root development and the unfolding of their leaves, flowers and fruits.
Leaf lettuce and spinach grow great in small planters; tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers or zucchini definitely need somewhat larger plant pots. And the classic is of course spices like rosemary, oregano or chives.

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Pro-tip: It’s best to look for regional varieties and organic quality in your seeds or seedlings; they’re stronger and more weather-resistant.

Further processing of the harvest & where to put the green waste?

Cucumber peels, wilted lettuce leaves, tomato stalks and bell pepper casings can easily be put back into the worm bin after harvesting your balcony garden. This green & kitchen waste is the basis for the worm compost, which will provide your young plants with many nutrients and microorganisms again next spring. This closes the nutrient cycle again.

No matter what you call it – be it balcony gardening or urban gardening – it is definitely trendy and complements the worm bin wonderfully. Just as balcony gardening makes gardening in a small space possible, composting with the help of the worm bin is compact, efficient and space-saving in your home.

You want to start gardening on your balcony? The worm bin is the ideal companion for you and your balcony garden:


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