Weeping Fir Growers Guide

How big is a weeping spruce?

It is a fast-growing tree that can reach 100 to 200 feet in height, with a slender upright form and a single trunk. Its attractive dark green needles, which can be an inch long, are densely clustered around the shoots and the cones can be 6 inches long.

How tall is a weeping white spruce?

Reaches up to 20-30 ft. tall, 6-10 ft. wide. Coniferous; prized for foliage.

How do you care for a weeping Norway spruce plant?
Weeping Norway Spruce ‘Pendula’ (Picea abies)

Plant Food. Apply a balanced fertilizer formulated for acid-loving plants.
Watering. Water regularly until well established.
Soil. Well-drained, slightly acidic soil.
Basic Care Summary. When planting, keep the base of the trunk exposed. Plant in a sunny location. Works best in slightly acidic soil rich in organic matter.
How to care for a weeping blue spruce?
Plant your Weeping Blue Spruce in full sun to part shade. It will grow in most soils, and once established, it is drought resistant. No winter protection is needed for this tree, which is hardy to minus 50 degrees.

What weeping Trees?

Weeping Fir Growers Guide

Here are six weeping trees that will bring elegance to your landscape with their flowing forms, whether you have a spacious estate or a modest lot.

1 Purple Fountain Weeping Beech. …
2 River birch summer waterfall. …
3 weeping chaparral mulberry. …
4 Weeping cherry tree. …
5 Weeping Cherry Snow Fountain®.
How fast do weeping white spruce trees grow?
Weeping white spruce grows quite fast, reaching ten feet in its first ten years. Although it can grow to more than 50 feet in ideal or wild conditions, the tree still maintains its tight diameter throughout its life.

Is there a dwarf weeping white spruce?

Dwarf Weeping Spruce trees like the Weeping Norway Spruce (Picea abies “Pendula”) come from mountainous areas that favor stunted trees. … Dwarf Weeping Spruce trees typically reach 3 feet in height while spreading 10 feet wide.

How tall is a weeping Norway spruce?

Slow growing; reaches 3 to 4 ft. tall, 12 to 15 ft. wide, in natural form. Coniferous; prized for foliage.

How much water does an evergreen tree need?

1 Water evergreen trees regularly for the first year after planting. Give the tree 1 to 3 inches of water each week, unless moisture comes in the form of rain. Deep watering once or twice a week is better than more frequent, shallow irrigation, because deep watering will develop long, healthy roots.

How do I train a weeping spruce?

Drive a 2 x 2 inch wooden stake or a 1 inch diameter metal post into the ground 6 to 8 inches from the trunk of the Norway spruce tear drop. The length of the stake should be driven about 2 feet into the ground and extend to 6 inches or beyond the top of the tree’s main trunk.

How do you prune weeping evergreens?

Point weeping pine branches, as desired for aesthetics, in late winter or early spring by cutting them off at a branch junction. Make the cut with hand pruners 1/4 inch above the junction with another live branch or group of needles you wish to keep.

Why is my Norway Spruce dying?

Norway Spruce trees can be damaged by lack of water, lack of nutrition, pests such as spider mites and beetles, and over fertilization. If you can identify a specific reason for the tree’s decline, treat that reason directly. If you can’t, give the tree a full treatment.

Are there miniature blue spruce trees?

Although not a true ornamental dwarf, the Baby Blue Spruce is the closest thing to a dwarf evergreen on the market today. A typical Colorado Blue Spruce will grow 50 to 75 feet tall and 20 feet wide.

How fast does a blue spruce grow?

This Blue Spruce has a moderate growth rate and tends to grow about 9-12″ per year.

How fast does the Blue Wonder Spruce grow?

Introduction Most popular new maple variety Fast growing – 3 to 5 feet per year in ideal conditions Reaches heights of 40 to 50 feet Large tree fo…

Why is my tree weeping?

A condition called bacterial wetwood (also called mudflow) is probably to blame. Bacterial wet wood occurs most often on elms, maples, poplars, oaks and birches, although it can occur on other trees as well. As they reproduce, the bacteria produce a slimy silt and methane, which creates pressure inside the tree.

What is the smallest weeping tree?

Kilmarnock’ weeping willow

Related to ‘Pendulum Waterfall’ is the small ‘Kilmarnock’ weeping willow. This dwarf weeping deciduous tree grows between 4 and 8 feet. (1.2 – 2.4 m) and has a distinct umbrella shape. The arching cascading branches form a canopy and the branches do not reach the ground.

How to make a weeping tree?

To get this weeping tree off the ground, or to create a weeping tree from a plant that doesn’t root easily from cuttings, graft a stem or bud from the weeping plant to the top of a trunk of an upright plant. As with any grafting, success is only possible if the trunk section is closely connected to the teardrop stem piece.

Are weeping white spruce deer hardy?

Picea glauca Pendula: White Spruce Weeping Deer Resistant Norway Spruce stands tall with a tall, narrow but graceful profile that is truly a one-of-a-kind gem.

Can you prune a weeping Norway spruce?

► Pruning is usually done once early in the year. But you might as well plum the tree during the winters. ► Prune the Norway Spruce with sharp, clean pruning shears. If the spruce has the height of a shrub, use pruners, secateurs or hand shears.

How do you stake a weeping white spruce?

Drive a 2×2 inch wooden stake or a 1 inch diameter metal post into the ground 6 to 8 inches from the trunk of the weeping Norway spruce. The length of the stake should be driven about 2 feet into the ground and extend to the height or 6 inches beyond the top of the tree’s main trunk.


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