What Climbing Plants Are Suitable For The Balcony?

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 08:34 pm

What Climbing Plants Are Suitable For The Balcony?

Troughs and large tubs can be planted with fast-clinging annual summer flowers such as bindweed (see left), black-eyed susans, vetches and climbing nasturtiums (some of which can be grown from seed). (some can be grown from seed) or permanently with perennial climbers such as ivy and creeping spindle (tolerate sun well, but also like to grow in the shade), kiwi (has beautiful large leaves), flamingo raygrass, climbing cucumber (has beautiful leaves and interesting flowers, unfortunately sensitive to frost), American trumpet flower, hops, honeysuckle, clematis and much more.

You have to keep in mind that perennial climbers can grow quite tall and need a lot of space. Either you always cut off the shoots then, or you stick to annuals, which grow less tall. Another possibility are climbing roses. Here there are very small varieties, specially grown for balconies and terraces.

What Climbing Plants Are Suitable For The Balcony?

However, all climbing plants need a trellis, i.e. a climbing framework on which they can climb high. Our tip: Always tie the new shoots well (without crushing the branch), then they will not be blown to the ground by the wind.


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