When Does Rosemary Bloom?

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Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is an evergreen shrub. With proper care, the plant thrives with beautiful flowers in your garden. In the following article you will learn more about the flowering time of the popular spice.

The time

Rosemary plants bloom between March and May. Meanwhile, with some varieties and proper care, the plants bloom again in late summer.

When Does Rosemary Bloom?

Note: Vigorous pruning of Rosmarinus officinalis is necessary to stimulate the second flowering

The colors

Rosemary flowers dazzle in bright colors. Common are the following:

  • light blue
  • dark blue
  • violet
  • pink
  • white

The flower harvest

Many gardeners harvest only the small needles. However, the flowers can also be harvested quickly. Three different options are available when picking from the plant:

  • individually
  • with stem
  • with needles

Use of the blossoms

The flowers can be used in a variety of ways:

When Does Rosemary Bloom?
  • Kitchen
  • Decoration
  • Insects

The edible flowers of the plant are used in the kitchen in many ways. Therefore, you can eat the flowers individually, sprinkle them in a salad or process them as a spice mixture.

The rosemary flowers can be used to decorate delicious dishes. Bound to a small shrub, the colored flowers together with the stem are also suitable as decoration for table and home.

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In addition, the flowers are an important source of food for insects. Bees and other insects are busy in the garden. Bumblebees, butterflies, bees and co. have problems finding food in the home garden, especially at the beginning of the year. Since rosemary blooms early in the year, planting it can provide insects with a place to retreat and help them survive.

Plant does not bloom?

Occasionally, rosemary does not bloom. This is often due to overwintering in warm locations. Rosmarinus officinalis, however, prefers cool places. Without proper winter dormancy, the flowers do not thrive optimally.

When Does Rosemary Bloom?

Annual fertilizing with organic materials also improves the conditions of the little demanding plant. Accordingly, with a permeable soil, the chances of a magnificent flowering are good.

Tip: The hardy varieties of rosemary plant can overwinter outdoors. Otherwise, the cold cellar is suitable as a winter place.

Frequently asked questions

Are the flowers of the rosemary plant edible?

The majority of garden owners use only the needles as a spice. However, the flowers can also be used in many ways. Rosemary flowers are edible and known for their delicious taste.

Does rosemary dry out in the winter?

Rosemary can dry out if there is little precipitation and strong sunlight. Basically, however, they are evergreen shrubs that can easily overwinter outdoors.

When can you prune rosemary?

Pruning stimulates the flowering of rosemary. In March, you should vigorously cut back shoots from the previous year. Regular pruning is necessary.

Is it possible to cook the rosemary flowers?


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