Where Do I Put My Lemon Tree In The Winter?

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zitronenbaum überwintern

To properly overwinter a lemon tree, you need to consider a few things. Here you can find out the best place to put your tree in winter and what care it needs.

The lemon tree originates from the north of India and belongs to the genus of citrus fruits. Due to its origin, it is used to warm temperatures all year round and is therefore not winter-hardy. It begins to suffer damage at temperatures as low as minus two degrees Celsius. You should therefore not leave it outside in winter, but in the living room it will be too warm for it.

Wintering lemon tree: the optimal conditions

Where Do I Put My Lemon Tree In The Winter?

Lemon trees can not stand the temperatures of some winters in colder parts of the world, however, it is also not enough to simply bring them into the warmth. The lemon tree is quite demanding when it comes to its winter quarters and requires special conditions. Especially the interaction of light and temperature is an important factor in wintering:

  • The lemon tree loves a lot and intense light. It hardly gets this in winter, but this can be compensated for with the right temperature. As a rule of thumb, the cooler the tree is, the less light it needs to overwinter.
  • The optimum wintering temperature is between five and ten degrees Celsius. The lemon tree can also manage with less light.
  • Bring the lemon tree in between the end of October and mid-November, so that it can get used to the falling temperature and reduced daylight outside.
  • To protect your tree from the cold, you can place the pot on a wooden box filled with leaves.
  • Optimal locations include a low-heated conservatory, a cold house (unheated greenhouse), a garage with a window, or an unheated stairwell.
  • The lemon tree does not tolerate the combination of heat and low light at all: therefore, you can not overwinter it in the living room or generally in the apartment.
  • Important: The lemon tree goes into a dormant state during cold wintering. That is, it shuts down photosynthesis and reduces its metabolism. However, this does not mean that it can be left in a room completely without light.
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Care lemon tree in winter

The lemon tree during its hibernation holds a so-called winter dormancy. Since it shuts down all metabolic processes and normal functions, it requires little care.

The lemon tree does not need fertilizer during the winter months.
You should also be sparing with watering so that the root does not rot. Just make sure that the soil never dries out completely.
As soon as the last frosts are over, you can put the lemon tree outside again. However, you should not take any risks, because a single heavy frost can cause lasting damage to your tree.

Den Zitronenbaum nicht zu früh wieder rausstellen
Do not put the lemon tree out too soon


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