Why Has My Lawn Growing Sparsely And Unevenly

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 08:39 pm

Not every lawn seeding is crowned with stunning success. Sometimes the result remains in need of improvement, the grasses grow rather sparsely and possibly unevenly. If this is so, it may be due to incorrect seeding. Or the location.

When seeding turf, there are a few points to keep in mind that will improve the chances of success:

  • Mix the seed again before broadcasting.
  • Not all seeds are created equal. It is better to buy quality rather than cheap special offers.
  • Sow on a windless day if possible.
  • Divide the area into strips to keep track.
  • Sow by hand evenly and “broad-cast” in two passes and directions. In the second pass, work across the first.
  • Use a small spreader truck if available.
  • Apply only the amount specified on the package. Much does not help much in this case, but only causes increased competition among the grasses.

Why Has My Lawn Growing Sparsely And Unevenly

After sowing, work the seed in very lightly (a few millimeters). As “light germinators”, grass seeds should not be buried in the soil. However, if they remain on the surface, they will dry out quickly and be eaten by birds. Use a roller or treaders to push the seed into the soil as well. In the next few days, the soil must be kept moist. That is, you should not flood, but (if it does not come from the clouds) lightly sprinkle several times a day.

Why Has My Lawn Growing Sparsely And Unevenly

Poor locations for lawn

Lawns don’t grow particularly well in shady areas. So it may well be due to the location if your lawn is not dense, but rather grows sparsely.

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If you want to reseed: There are extra lawn mixtures for shady areas in every garden market, also small portions are on offer for “repairing”. Sprinkle the lawn for a long time beforehand. Only on moist soil can the seeds take hold and germinate. A good time is when the soil and air are warm. Then the seeds can germinate quickly. Keep seeded lawns moist, but not wet, even now. A lawn sprinkler is a good way to get the right amount. If it comes to a downpour, you can just put a cloth over the lawn seed when it is freshly sown (planting fleece). So everything is not washed away.


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