Wild Garlic For The Kitchen: Harvest Time And Things To Know

When to harvest wild garlic? Freshly harvested and immediately processed in the kitchen, the leaves of wild garlic have the best flavor. In principle, however, dishes can be refined with a subtle hint of wild garlic right into the summer.

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The best time to harvest wild garlic: when grows wild garlic and how long harvest?

Again and again you can read that wild garlic can no longer be consumed after flowering. At the same time, the plant does not become toxic at all after the white flowers bloom. However, it is true that the leaves become increasingly fibrous after the time of flowering and also no longer taste quite as good. So the best time to harvest wild garlic is from March to April. The exact time when the leaves appear on the forest floor and wild garlic blooms depends on the regional climate and weather conditions. If you like to eat capers, it is also worth keeping a close eye on wild garlic locations, as the buds that have not yet blossomed can be pickled like capers.

Harvest and store wild garlic
When harvesting wild garlic, you should always be very concentrated. In your own garden, the risk of confusion with poisonous plants is lower with deliberately planted stands of wild garlic than when collecting wild garlic in the forest. Wild garlic can be identified by the fact that its leaves give off a garlicky odor when rubbed between the fingers. To preserve the wild garlic a little better until use, you can put it in a small plastic bag and tie it in an inflated knot. This protects the leaves from being squeezed and also helps them retain their moisture better.

Tips & Tricks
The best time to harvest wild garlic is in the spring. To use the plant in the kitchen into the summer, components of the wild garlic can be dried and pickled.

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