10 Simple Gardening Tips

Gardening can easily become a real passion or a huge headache for those who don’t seem to have a green thumb. After all, growing beautiful plants is not innate: it can be learned, don’t worry!

The great thing is that you can buy mature plants to plant in your lawn or leave in pots in our stores, or you can get a taste for things that grow and transform simple seeds into seedlings, then into beautiful rose bushes, shrubs, fruit trees (to have fruits and vegetables all year round) and flowers of all kinds in your garden.

Whether you are an amateur gardener or an experienced gardener, there are a few well-kept secrets to help you in this process. Too little known, these tips and tricks will surprise you because they are so simple and make all the difference in the garden. Friends gardeners, your plantations will love all these good ideas!


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1) To keep the soil in place without clogging the drainage holes, slip a coffee filter in.

This is just one of the many, many amazing ways to use a coffee filter.

2) Running out of room? Then you need to build a vertical garden with shoe storage.

Inexpensive and clever for pretty little improvised planters!

3) Need to water your plant even when you’re away?

Wrap paper towels, cotton threads or shoelaces in a container filled with water. This will serve as a wick to give water to each plant!

4) To prevent animals from trampling your garden or small vegetable patch, plant plastic forks

They won’t hurt them, but will keep them out of the garden, as they are unpleasant. You can also plant repellent plants or use cat repellents in the garden. There is no shortage of tricks to keep your gardening efforts animal-free.

5) Say goodbye to unwanted slugs and other harmful pests by crushing eggshells and spreading them around the plant.

10 Simple Gardening Tips

This would be a more than welcome calcium boost for your plants, especially vegetable plants, and is one of the best tips for ecological gardening without slugs or chemicals that are dangerous for the environment.

6) Avoid mold with cinnamon sprinkled on the soil occasionally.

10 Simple Gardening Tips

Cinnamon has many other uses in the garden, including repelling ants and healing injured plants. It’s definitely a spice you need to know about to have a beautiful garden.

7) Start seeds in folded toilet paper rolls. A perfect and economical solution!

10 Simple Gardening Tips

8) Add coffee grounds to your potting soil to make it even richer.

10 Simple Gardening Tips

9) Laying out one or two diapers in the bottom of the pot will allow you to water your plant less often.

couches pour bébé plus saines

However, be sure to put the absorbent side up and not down. This is what will help retain the water and benefit the soil.

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10) Fertilize your plants with your vegetable cooking water

eau de cuisson légumes

This is one of the most well-known environmentally friendly gardening tips. Water is indeed very rich in nutrients and offers many benefits. For all these reasons, it is a shame to waste them! Warm pasta water can be used to kill weeds. With this weed control tip, weeds will be on their last legs!


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