2 Natural Repellents To Fight Against Ticks To Make Yourself

You will find these little bloodsuckers in gardens, in the fur of pets and farm animals. Not all ticks transmit infections, but it is very important to know that when a tick carries disease, the risk of infection increases proportionally to the time the tick remains on the skin. It is therefore necessary to act very quickly. And if possible, in a natural way.

In adults, bites usually occur on the legs, while in children, they are located above the belt or even in the scalp. They are difficult to detect because they do not cause any pain or discomfort, but some of the following symptoms may alert you: itching; redness on the skin; burning; rash. If these symptoms appear, then you may be getting bitten! Here are two natural remedies that will help repel these dangerous insects. Be careful, in case of bite, it is strongly advised to consult a doctor, you must make sure you have not been infected by the Lyme disease.

1 – Tea tree essential oil

What you need:

  • A spray bottle
  • Tea tree oil
  • A little water

How to make it. In a spray bottle, mix two teaspoons of essential oil with four teaspoons of water. Shake, then spray a little of your mixture on the bottom of your pants, your shoes and your socks. For your children, aim for above the waist.

2 Natural Repellents To Fight Against Ticks To Make Yourself

2 – Rosemary and cinnamon

What you need:

  • 10 drops of rosemary essential oil
  • 7 drops of cinnamon essential oil
  • 3 drops of cedar essential oil
  • 2 spoons of sweet almond oil

How to make it? It’s very simple. Mix all the ingredients in a spray bottle. Shake vigorously and apply a little of the mixture to the affected area.

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2 Natural Repellents To Fight Against Ticks To Make Yourself

Note that if you have difficulty breathing, swelling, vomiting or fever, you are strongly advised to see your doctor.


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