Does Tea Tree Oil Help Against Wasps?

Enjoying a refreshing lemonade outdoors undisturbed at the height of summer? Unimaginable. It doesn’t take 30 seconds for the first wasps to buzz in, attracted by the sweet scent. The uninvited company is not only a nuisance, but also poses a high risk. If the animals are swallowed, there is even a risk of suffocation due to stings in the throat. Before the helpless flailing increases the aggressiveness of the wasps, it is worth a try to put them to flight with tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil against wasps

Tea tree oil has been known to the indigenous people of Australia for a long time because of its effective and versatile applications. For some time now, Europeans have also come to know and appreciate this home remedy. However, when using it against wasps, it is important to use the appropriate essence. In order for the effect to occur, the oil must be natural. This property is noticeable in the following characteristics:

  • fresh, spicy scent
  • clear liquid
  • slightly yellowish hue

In addition, the price is an important indicator. High-quality oil costs at least five dollars. All offers below this cost point probably originate from synthetic production and do not provide the desired benefit.

Tip: Tea tree oil is available at pharmacies and well-stocked drugstores.


The intense smell of tea tree oil does not kill wasps, but merely drives the insects away. Also other insect species such as mosquitoes shy away from the aroma For the environment and humans, on the other hand, there is no danger.

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Apply to the skin
Spray on objects
In a fragrance lamp

Feldwespe, Polistinae

On the skin
Just a droplet behind the ear or on the ulna is enough and the person already wears a reliable wasp protection on the body. Although the liquid is one of the few essential oils that are suitable for undiluted use, due to the very intense odor, it is recommended to use sparingly. In addition, irritation can occur on sensitive skin. A compatibility test in advance protects against unwanted skin irritations. People who are allergic to the oil, however, do not have to do without the home remedy. Diluted with a little water, it is immediately tolerated.

Tip: Tea tree oil is not only effective against wasps, but also relieves the pain in an emergency, if the insects nevertheless bite once.

Spray on objects
If you have sensitive skin, it is more advisable to spray objects or clothing with the oil. The effect remains the same. To do this, the user mixes a few drops of the essence with water and fills the solution into a spray bottle. In this form, it is also possible to spray the fragrance into a closed room. In the bedroom, for example, this can allow for a more restful sleep. However, spraying wasps directly is prohibited. On the one hand, this would fall under animal cruelty, on the other hand, it only increases the aggressiveness of the insects.

Caution: on furniture, a high concentration of tea tree oil can quickly cause unsightly stains. Diluting with water beforehand protects against this mishap.

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Fragrance lamp
If you have pets, it is better to diffuse the scent with the help of a fragrance lamp. Ingestion of the oil can lead to death in animals in the worst case. Sprayed objects must therefore always be out of reach of the four-legged friends.


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