3 ideas: A second life for the Christmas tree

Just dispose of the Christmas tree after a few weeks? That would be much too bad. We have three ideas how you can reuse its branches in the garden.

winter protection for soil and plants

If the Christmas tree has reached the end of its useful life, it is quite easy to give it for secondary use. The prerequisite for this is that it has not yet lost all its needles. If this is the case, cut off the branches and spread the brushwood as winter protection on the beds or under shrubs. Plants in window boxes can also be effectively protected from heavy frost.

It is important to remove the branches in spring in time after the last heavy frost, so that light and air can get to the plants again.

3 ideas: A second life for the Christmas tree
A layer of brushwood protects the soil and delicate plants from severe frost

shelter for wild animals

If you have already created a pile of leaves as a refuge for hedgehogs & co. in autumn, you can now place fir branches over it as a protective roof. However, be careful not to dig too much in the leaves so as not to disturb any inhabitants. Or you can build a new shelter from the branches in a quiet corner of the garden.

home remedies against snails

Slugs avoid areas that are covered with dry, stinging needles. Strip the needles from the branches and then scatter them as densely as possible around snail-prone plants in the spring so that the ground is completely covered. Even better than the blunt and relatively soft needles of the Nordmann fir work the pointed needles of the spruce.