Growing Christmas Roses From Seed – How To Sow

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Christmas rose can be grown from seed. However, this is much more laborious than propagation by dividing the perennial. In a favorable location, the snow rose sows itself. For sowing in a pot, you need to collect seeds in time.

Christrose säen

Christmas roses sow themselves

Growing Christmas Roses From Seed - How To Sow

If the Christmas rose is not cut after flowering, seeds ripen in the seed capsules. Once the capsules open, the seeds fall out and begin to germinate after a cold period.

However, this works well only if the soil is as loamy as possible and contains enough lime. On sandy soils snow lily develops very poorly.

Therefore, to ensure the growth of Christmas roses in the flower bed, you do not need to do anything other than provide good planting substrate.

Collecting seeds from the Christmas rose
Collect the seeds of Christmas rose before the capsules open. Cut off the dry capsules and place them in a plastic bag.

When you shake and gently tap the bag, the seeds will fall out. They should be sown immediately.

Be sure to wear gloves when collecting snow lily seeds or sowing them later to protect the skin from the toxic substances.

How to sow the seeds correctly
The snow lily is a cold germinator. Without a prolonged period of cold weather, the seeds do not germinate. Therefore, sowing must be done outdoors.

Prepare a sowing tray into which you fill soil from the bed of the mother plant. Make sure that there is good drainage.

Scatter seeds thinly
Cover only lightly with soil
Water carefully
Separate after emergence
Plant in pots or in the bed

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Until the first bloom may take
Until the first flowering of the Christmas rose can take a year. However, there is no certainty that the new plantlets will have the same flower color as the mother plant.

Tips & tricks
The Christmas rose is not only called snow rose or Christmas rose, it is also called hellebore. The reason for this is the ingredient helleborine, which causes sneezing when inhaled. However, because of its toxicity, the seeds of the Christmas rose must not be used as sneezing powder.


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