4 Tips To Get Rid Of Moles In Your Garden

The garden is a popular place for rodents. So it’s not surprising to find mole rats (voles), etc. You don’t get along well with moles in your garden because they ruin your soil and your vegetable crops? Despite the unsightly mounds of earth they dig up, which can be distressing for any perfectionist gardener, these little insectivorous creatures are very useful for aerating the soil and eating earthworms, grubs, slugs, larvae and pests.

Still want to get rid of moles? Friends gardeners, here are a few tips to chase them away that will allow you to show moles that they are not welcome on your lawn, all without hurting them, which is just cruel knowing that moles are not hemophiliacs.

1) An upturned bottle to chase away moles

Plant an iron rod in the ground. Slide an upside down plastic bottle with the neck cut off into the rod. When the wind blows, the bottle will bang against the metal rod, a very effective sound against these little squatters. The sound and vibration will scare the moles away. Regular mowing will also make the ground less hospitable.

2) Natural repellents to slip into molehills

There is no need for chemicals or ultrasound which are not very effective on these little creatures! Place dog or pet hair, human hair (ask your hairdresser), castor oil or elderberry purin inside the mole holes. However, avoid mothballs or mothballs in the tunnels, as they are not biodegradable. They are poisonous to the soil!

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3) Protect the garden or vegetable garden to drive out moles

incarvillée plantes taupes

Plant elderberry branches around the area to be protected. You can also plant repellent plants to repel them from your lawns and green spaces: euphorbia, (mole grass), elderberry, incarvilla, castor oil, hyacinth, imperial fritillary, onion bulbs, narcissus… They are indeed often safe for you and your pets, but have a toxic or repulsive effect on these bugs. This allows to fight against these small mammals and their tunnels.

4) Repellent odors to get rid of moles

Their sense of smell is very powerful and the sensitivity of their snout can be used to your advantage in case of invasion! Slip a cotton ball soaked in ammonia or urine into the molehill. The smell will scare the moles away immediately.

As you can see, you don’t need firecrackers, rose branches or ground glass to hurt, chase and eradicate moles, which are once again not hemophiliacs. To get rid of unwanted moles, simply plant the right repellent plants and natural solutions that are good for the environment, and they won’t want to settle in your garden for a while. Installing mole traps to capture them can also be a solution. All you have to do is fill in the holes. Maybe they will be happier in your neighbor’s house?


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