Anti-mole Plants: The 8 Best To Plant In Your Garden

You take care of your lawn and the vegetable garden. Nevertheless, despite your efforts, they look like a minefield because of the mounds of earth created by moles!

Let’s face it, even if they annoy gardeners, moles are very useful in the garden. Far from being a nuisance, these animals help to aerate the soil and work the ground and eat insect pests, slugs and earthworms.

In short, your plants are safe unless they cut them by mistake while digging their galleries. No luck? Still want to get rid of moles? Fortunately, there are many tricks to scare away moles without killing them (ultra-sound repellents, dog hair…). Among them, repellent plants combine the useful with the pleasant by dressing our green spaces while going to chase away the moles.

Good to know : No, this little beast is not hemophilic. It is therefore useless (and cruel) to try to hurt it with firecrackers, broken glass or pieces of rosebushes in case of invasion…

1) Mole grass (Euphorbia lathyris)

herbe à taupes parmi les plantes répulsives

Also called great spurge or garden spurge, it is one of the most famous mole repellent plants… hence its nickname of mole grass! It is not particularly an ornamental plant: this herbaceous plant is more utilitarian than pretty. Indeed, its stems contain substances which frighten away these small beasts. Its noxious latex is very irritating for the snout of these mammals. One can thus plant this very effective plant in the affected plantations or slip some in the tunnels. However, be careful with its sap, which is also stinging for humans. To avoid irritation, protect your hands before handling.

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2) Castor oil


You know castor oil and its effects on hair, eyelashes and eyebrows growth? However, did you know that this plant with decorative evergreen foliage and thorny red fruits can also fight moles? Indeed, the whole plant (and more particularly its seeds) is toxic and repulsive. If you have animals or children and you are afraid they will come near, you can also use castor oil cake. Rich in nitrogen, this natural fertilizer grows the lawn and can be spread in the underground tunnels. The molehill inhabitants will not like it!

3) Hyacinth among the most beautiful anti-mole plants

jacinthe jacinthes plantes anti taupes

The bulb of this delicate flower has a strong smell that has the power to repel unwanted moles. So don’t hesitate to plant it in your garden. Its beautiful bells will delight your eyes and its bulb will dislodge this little animal behind the scenes!

4) Imperial fritillary or imperial crown (Fritillaria imperialis)

fritillaire impériale plantes taupes

As elegant as it is charming, the fritillary is not just a beautiful plant! Like the hyacinth, it has a bulb whose unpleasant smell is particularly detestable for this little beast. This makes it one of the best plants to plant in your flower beds, around your lawn or in your flower beds to prevent moles. In autumn and winter, it will protect your garden from the assaults of these underground animals. As a bonus, this repellent will also help you to chase away rodents such as mice, mole rats and voles.

5) Onions

oignons jardin

Onions are one of the best vegetable plants for hunting moles. As for other plants, its main advantage is its smell! So don’t hesitate to plant it all around the vegetable garden to protect the other plants. Your fruits and vegetables can grow in peace!

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6) Narcissus


To keep them out of your yard, plant daffodil bulbs by scattering them randomly in the lawn. The bulbs give off a powerful repellent smell. This way, you can still mow your lawn as usual and the repellent bulbs will do all the work to get rid of the moles. You can also invite daffodils into your flower beds. The flowers are as beautiful as they are colorful… and useful, of course!

7) Elderberry


You can slip a few branches into the tunnels to dissuade moles from staying. Elderberry slurry can also be poured in small quantities into the molehills, underground, to force the moles to pack up!

8) Incarvillia (incarvillea delavayi)

incarvillée plantes taupes

Impossible not to mention this plant whose roots are used to fight these bugs. Its effects are sometimes disputed. Nevertheless, it costs nothing to give it a chance. If nothing else, you’ll gain pretty pink flowers and a bit of wonder every time you look at them!

With anti-mole plants, no need for chemicals and mothballs that are bad for the environment! And then these natural solutions are still more pleasant and aesthetic than the classic plastic bottle placed neck down on a spike planted in the ground to get rid of moles by sound vibration effect!


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