5 Indoor Plants For Beginners

Last updated on June 16th, 2022 at 10:49 am

Don’t have a green thumb? You are as much a plantlover as a plantkiller… and you are desperate to give them all the same fate.

Discover here a selection of 5 indoor plants adapted to beginners.

5 Indoor Plants For Beginners

The goal is to discover and gently tame the basics with simple and easy to maintain plants. Results 100% guaranteed!


To establish this top 5, I took into account several criteria.

First, they must be low-maintenance, i.e. in terms of watering or repotting frequency.

And on the other hand, they must be vigorous, robust and not fear diseases.

Finally, among this selection of plants, none requires maintenance pruning. Just let nature take care of you and trust it!


Also known as scindapsus, epipremum aureum, the Photos is a tropical plant whose long stems form lianas and develop aerial roots.

Climbing in its natural environment, we generally use it in suspension in our interiors.

The Pothos is satisfied with an environment with any luminosity and a moderate watering when the ground is dry, that is to say approximately every 3 weeks.

5 Indoor Plants For Beginners

This tropical plant with green and white foliage and a bushy habit has the particularity of creating babies galore. At the end of its long stems, new plants form, giving it a spider-like silhouette from which it gets its nickname.

Fun, it is a nice initiation to cuttings for beginners because you just have to cut them and put them in water to see roots appearing and replanting them.

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The exposure is any, the watering every 3 weeks whatever the season.


The Pachira or Chataignier de Guyane is a tree that can be found in different sizes ranging from 20cm to several meters.

Slightly more greedy in water than the others, its fast growth is ideal for beginners.

To be exposed to light without direct sunlight, water as soon as the soil is dry to a depth of 3-4 cm.


Cacti are well known for being “indestructible” and if you have already got rid of some of them, it is with certainty an excess of water because they are able to resist a total lack of water for many months without any problem. So, the basic principle to remember when it comes to watering cacti is: Less is more!

5 Indoor Plants For Beginners
For beginners, prefer a heavy watering very rarely rather than a small amount more frequently.

Water only once every three to six months by drenching the pot in a bowl of water to allow it to drink and rehydrate for 12-24 hours and then let the excess water drain off.

Even if it is preferable to expose them to the sun, they will also adapt to a lesser interior luminosity.


A surprising choice of broad or tapered leaf shapes, colors with shades of green, yellow, white or pink or in its totem version with its large wooden trunk, the Dracaena undoubtedly brings a touch of exoticism to our homes.

Appreciating a luminosity without direct sun, water only when the ground is quite dry and let evacuate the surplus of watering.

5 Indoor Plants For Beginners


Water with room temperature water to avoid thermal shock
Use a pierced pot with clay balls at the bottom for better drainage
The more light there is, the faster the growth and the higher the water needs
Talk to them, they like it! They are sensitive to it and they will know how to give it back to you, believe me 🙂 !

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