Easy Care Plants For The Balcony

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 08:30 pm

With low-maintenance plants balcony and garden pretty design

A green oasis right outside the porch or balcony door – that’s the biggest wish for many people. Unfortunately, not all people have a “green thumb” and some potted plants then do not survive the horticultural attempts. For those who no longer want to put up with their dreary “gray-in-gray balcony”, I have compiled some valuable tips here.

Easy Care Plants For The Balcony

Already a few flowering plants and green plants can visually enhance the balcony very much and if you select the appropriate plants that can feel at home on the balcony, so the care also keeps within limits. The most important aspect for plant selection is always the location, because in the wrong place, in my experience, every plant, no matter how robust, easy to care for, goes in. A close look at the care instructions, which are noted on the label in the garden center, is always helpful to be able to respond exactly to the needs that flowering plants and green plants have. This includes, for example, proper watering, fertilizing as well as regular repotting of plants

Flowering plants in the sunlight – my robust selection.

Of course, I can only recommend classic, flowering low-maintenance plants with a robust character for the less ambitious amateur gardener. With a few beautiful geraniums in different colors, the sunny side of the balcony can be wonderfully decorated. Geraniums can survive shorter dry spells, so less regular watering is also forgiven. A few flower boxes with pansies in different colors I can also recommend for the design of the balcony. These versatile plants also have the advantage that they require little water and are extremely hardy, with which they can cope with more dilettante attempts at care.

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Plants blooming in the shade – anything but a shadowy existence.

But not only the sunny side of a balcony should be beautified, but also the parts that are rather in the shade all day. In such places I would opt for “Fleißige Lieschen”. Since these are in the shade, they also do not dry out so quickly and get along relatively well without watering for a while. Here, however, I must also point out that the “Fleißige Lieschen” do not like “wet feet”. Therefore, I water my beauties regularly, but in moderation. If you have a relatively large balcony, some planters with Tagetes in bright yellow and orange should still plan a place. I think these nice splashes of color, beautiful to look at from spring to fall, are simply part of the balcony design.

Green plants – my selection for the balcony

If I’m already going to the trouble of beautifying my balcony, then of course I want to have something of it all year round. Accordingly, green plants must also be accommodated, which provide for loosening in the winter. In the shade, there may be a few tubs with ferns.

If the facade has perhaps already become a bit unsightly, ivy can work wonders. With the help of a rank help cover up many an eyesore. I find green plants bring natural vibrancy to the balcony all year round.


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