7 Natural Remedies To Keep Wasps Away

Wasp stings can cause moderate or even very violent symptoms in allergic people. Indeed, the sting causes a more or less extensive inflammation accompanied by sometimes intense pain and skin itching.

And even if they prefer to avoid our contact and only sting us when we make sudden movements that make them think they are threatened, some people are afraid when they see these stinging flying insects flying around them.

Fortunately, our natural repellents come to your rescue in the garden or on the terrace and even in the windows to prevent their invasion and to spend a more peaceful summer. Plus, we do it all without harmful chemicals! Discover here natural ecological solutions to keep wasps away.

1) Ground coffee to keep wasps away

café moulu pour éloigner les guêpes

Use unused ground coffee to drive away wasps. Here, burn it in small aluminum or heat-safe saucers. In fact, this is the same principle as incense sticks (which also work against these little beasts, as well as against horseflies, flies and mosquitoes). Wasps don’t like the smell, so it’s a great repellent for a peaceful meal on the balcony or while camping. This coffee smoke repellent will also keep bees away. A valuable natural tip that is always good to know in summer so!

Good to know: Another important morning ingredient, jam can also be useful. To make friends with them and divert their attention, put some homemade fruit jam in a bowl far from the table and let these stinging insects feed on it while you quietly finish your aperitif.

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2) Cloves, another good solution

7 Natural Remedies To Keep Wasps Away

Place a few crushed cloves in a saucer on the center of the table or stud an orange or lemon with cloves when you’re eating outside, the wasps won’t come near you and you can eat in peace. They’re attracted to sweet smells, but your natural, sweet-smelling homemade repellent will make them forget what’s going on during dessert! Plus, it will also keep the flies away.

3) Essential oils that will keep wasps away

huiles essentielles diffuseur

Essential oils such as true lavender essential oil, lemongrass essential oil or lavender essential oil will repel wasps. Put a few drops of essential oil in a diffuser scent in your home, on strategically placed scraps of fabric or even directly on yourself. Here, remember to check the direction of the wind so that the aromatic scents don’t go straight into the void. Caution! Always mix an essential oil in a vegetable oil of your choice before application to the skin. For aromatherapy lovers, it is also possible to make a mixture. In a bowl of hot water or on absorbent cotton, a few drops of the latter will do wonders! To make this powerful synergy against these bugs, mix 3 ml of citronella EO, 3 ml of lavender EO, 3 ml of geranium EO and 1 ml of clove EO.

4) Keep wasps away with plants

plants de tomates croissance

First, you can use the branches of your tomato plants from the garden to your advantage. To do this, head to the tomato plant to steal some branches from it. Then place them on the table and let them scare away the wasps with lightning speed. And the same thing with fresh mint, geranium, lemongrass or lavender whose scent they fear. Also, note that you can plant kohlrabi next to strawberry plants. This will attract the wasps that prowl around these sweet red fruits a bit too much and they will leave them in favor of the cabbage. In the same vein, you can plant wildflowers in a corner of the garden so that they will concentrate there and forget about what is going on at your barbecue! For example, plant cosmos, sunflower or sage.

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5) Grill garlic and onions on the barbecue


In addition to making your grilled food taste good, this will also work against wasps. Indeed, it will release fragrant fumes that will disturb their sense of smell.

6) Melon juice, a very effective insecticide against wasps

7 Natural Remedies To Keep Wasps Away

If you want to get rid of wasps effectively and naturally, try melon juice (or even pieces of leftover melon)! Drop some in bowls in areas where people pass through and enter. Since this solution can kill wasps, use it only as a last resort if repellent tips haven’t worked. For example, these pollinators will limit the proliferation of caterpillars and other insects. As a result, our ecosystem loves them! It is better to keep them away than to kill them.

7) Latest tips to keep wasps away

7 Natural Remedies To Keep Wasps Away

If you don’t have much on hand, maybe you have some water and a spray bottle? This way, you can spray water around you or an allergic loved one with your spray can as soon as the wasp gets too close. The message will then be clear to it: “it’s raining, I need to get out of here fast!”

Also, wasps don’t like reflections. So, whether it’s around the table or in the garden, lay out and hang aluminum foil, old CDs or frozen water packets. When the sun’s rays pass over them, it will disturb these flying insects. Finally, you can fool them with kraft paper crumpled into a ball. Hang it up or put it in places to make them think that a colony of wasps is already in a nest. In fact, they will go away without needing a wasp trap!

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