8 Tips To Keep Bananas Longer

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It is one of the favorite fruits of the French, young and old. Practical and generous, the banana provides energy throughout the day. To enjoy them, follow our tips to keep them as long as possible.

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Emma Zrour
Published on 28/05/2019 at 16h48, updated on 22/03/2022 at 17h19
A banana is 150 grams of happiness. What could be more frustrating than buying some the day before and finding them all black the next day. Don’t waste them! Use them to make compotes, sweet and savory recipes or cook our 6 banana recipes, including banana bread. On the other hand, if the banana is too green, follow our advice to make it ripen faster. In any case, the banana has more than one asset in its bag.

How to choose your bananas
It’s all about color. Look closely at the banana to see if the fruit is ripe, overripe or underripe. Choose green bananas, they will ripen faster in your kitchen. Don’t buy bananas with brown spots on them, that means they have been frozen before.

Look at the skin of bananas
Look for green bananas at the ends and light yellow in the middle. Don’t get them all yellow because it’s a fast ripening fruit. Bananas don’t like the cold, you must let them ripen at room temperature in a basket without touching the others.

How to store bananas
Do not put them in the refrigerator until they are ripe, otherwise the skin may turn black. If you want to freeze them, remove the skin and slice them. Store them in an airtight box with a lid. You must wait for your bananas to thaw before eating them. To avoid freezing them, you can also hang them up. There are lots of other tips!

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Hang your bananas
You never thought you’d have a bunch of bananas hanging from your kitchen ceiling. Too bad for you, but good for your bananas! This method prevents them from colliding. Wrap the stem of the bunch in a plastic bag or cellophane. This will keep the bananas fresher longer.

Don’t mix bananas with other fruits
In your basket, do not put your bananas with other fruits such as apple, pear, kiwi, fig, peach… that is to say all the fruits that are called climacteric. It is not a disease, but a natural process that allows the fruit to ripen after harvest. All climacteric fruits release a gas (ethylene) that accelerates their ripening.

Other tips for keeping bananas
don’t leave them in their plastic bag
don’t place the fruit basket in the sun or near a heat source
buy them in small quantities


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