Banana Peel Just Do Not Throw Away – It Is A Miracle Household Remedy

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 08:29 pm

Because you can’t eat banana peel, it often ends up in the trash. But the banana peel is much too good for that, as several tips prove.

Peel, eat, throw away the peel – that’s probably how most consumers deal with bananas. However, the peel should not simply be thrown around indiscriminately, as this can result in a fine. In addition, the supposed garbage can be helpful in the household, garden and personal hygiene.

Banana peel does not belong in the garbage – leftovers are valuable in the household

Banana Peel Just Do Not Throw Away - It Is A Miracle Household Remedy

Just because the banana has a relatively high fructose content and its flesh can therefore feel slightly greasy to sticky, it sounds curious: The inside of the banana peel can be used to polish up many things in the household. Leather, stainless steel, chrome and even silver get their shine back through the peel.

To do this, simply wipe the fruit residue over the material. Subsequently, the cleaned places should still be processed with a dry cloth, as Öko-Test reports. Particularly with leather shoes this Lifehack can replace expensive shoe cream.

By the way: It is better not to eat banana peels raw.

Use banana peels in the garden: Garbage is a valuable fertilizer

Just like eggshells or potato water, banana peels contain valuable nutrients. Among them calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium and vitamins. These certainly benefit a compost, but can also be applied directly for a cheap fertilizer. It makes a difference whether flowers in the garden or houseplants, such as the Monstera deliciosa, can be treated with the fruit residue.

For garden plants, the peel should be cut into small pieces. Either let them dry in the sun or scatter them directly. The pieces of peel should be carefully mixed between the plant roots in the bed – for example, the fertilizer is well received by roses. Hydrangeas, on the other hand, prefer coffee grounds and eggshells.

For indoor plants, the banana peel is placed in a container, which in turn is poured with water until the remains are covered. After a few hours, the water is enriched with the nutrients and the plants can be watered.

Apply banana peel in the bathroom: Fruit ensures white teeth and more

However, the banana peel is particularly versatile when it comes to your own body care. Because the good nutrients of the banana also benefit the skin. Anyone suffering from acne or blackheads should try rubbing the inside of the peel onto the cleansed but dry skin area – and preferably for several minutes.

At best, the residue is washed off only after a few hours. The banana mass can be left on the skin overnight, for example. Öko-Test recommends this treatment for at least two weeks until a result is visible.

Banana peel is also said to be effective as a whitener for the teeth. To do this, also rub the inside of the peel over the teeth for two minutes daily. The potassium and magnesium contained in the residue is supposed to be absorbed by the teeth and thus whiten them. After about two weeks, the teeth should already be visibly brighter.


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